Earl Rocks! Special Edition

Tonights Art Rock!

To Whom it may concern;

Looks like it will be a “LOOPY” Night on the Gloucester Waterfront tonight due to the Massive storm heading away from us. Thank God Ed Collard will be on Storm Watch Duty Tonight for GMG.

There are only Photos for Clues for this “Special Edition Hurricane Earl” Art Rock.

Believe it or not some people don't know where this place is. They do a great job for the Gloucester Waterfront!
A great place to sit and have Lunch or Draw.

3 thoughts on “Earl Rocks! Special Edition

  1. As of 10PM that rock is gone. Extinct, Pinin’ for the fjords. If it is still there your next rock will be held hostage in a room above the Crow’s Nest.


  2. Hostage is correct.

    I am sorry I have had to resort to this but if I do not get the exact coordinates of an Art Rock an innocent is going to be tossed into those crashing waves left over by Earl.

    A father of three pebbles, he is not at the location as shown but is sitting on top of Elephant Balls nearby. Do not try to save him. Booby Traps await. It may already be too late.


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