Charlene Peters Is Crushin’ On G-Town

Charlene Peters, who visited Gloucester this past weekend and stayed at Bass Rocks,  has posted two articles so far about her stay:


Romancing myself

On occasion, one needs to recharge, fall back in love with oneself in order to love others. So when my husband stopped speaking with me and exited on a night of romance in Gloucester, I decided to embrace the opportunity to romance myself.

Before I checked in to Bass Rocks Ocean Inn, I headed to Main Street for lunch at a hotspot called Passports. With a name that no doubt would attract a travel writer such as myself, the name is actually a reflection of the menu, which lists worldwide offerings from local fish to Mediterranean dishes to Thai dishes. But what Passports is really known for is their complimentary popovers served at lunch and dinner. This place is packed with customers before 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon. And everyone is enjoying their popovers. I drove by later and noticed that the place was once again full with dinner patrons. Perhaps it’s the hefty serving sizes that draws the crowd.

To read the rest of her entry click this link

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