Amateur Weather Fanatics- Most Amusing

There is this one guy on twitter who tweets about North Shore Weather.  The excitement in his postings about extreme weather and potential disaster are wild. Since the first rumblings of Earl he’s been tweeting and retweeting just about every local TV weatherman update and I swear this guy would have an orgasm if the eye of the hurricane went straight through his house.

I would simply unfollow him in my twitter stream if it weren’t so amusing so watch him kvetch around with every new report.


Insane weather guy- Don’t be that guy.





I’m An Idiot!


Chase The Dream Baby! 


4 thoughts on “Amateur Weather Fanatics- Most Amusing

  1. Joey – I know exactly the guy you mean. Hurricane Earl has him in all in a lather this week. I nearly unfollowed him yesterday because he’s tweeting every minute in a half but decided not to because of the entertainment value.


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