Thursday Night Blues Jam @ The Rhumb Line to feature Bad Moon Rising

From Mr. Dave Sags,

I’m shuffling off to Baltimore this week to see the Redsox, so i’m turning it over to Greg, who’s bringing in his awesome band, BAD MOON RISING.  sort of a Credence cover band with a fruity taste and a slight oak finish. All your faves will be there: Dave brown on gootar, Dave Synchromattacks, on skins, and Johnny P. on bass and vocals. Have fun! See you next week with LISA MARIE!

click photo for band website

Myspace page ~ About Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising is New England’s premier Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute act, honoring one of the greatest American Rock bands in history.

This band is comprised of all veteran musicians with the collective experience of tens of thousands of live performances spanning over three decades, locally, nationally and internationally.

This is not just another sound alike act. The original recordings are not just copied here. The Swamp rock sound is emulated with great respect to historical mood and feel. CCR reached their pinnacle of success during the Vietnam era. This was a tumultuous time in American history and CCR’s raw, soulful power contributed prominently to the soundtrack in American life.

These well loved classics are performed with stellar execution. The recordings on this site were made without any of the high-tech digital editing we’ve all become accustom to; no pitch correction, nudging of tracks or machines were used, just live musicians playing live music. The same way the original recordings were made.

Close your eyes and be transcended to an age when America was in flux, Rock ‘N’ Roll was young and all the world was rocking out to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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