The Dish Covers Cape Ann Brewing

My girls over at The Dish (North Shore Dish if you didn’t already know) came to G Town to cover one of our jewels- Cape Ann Brewing

Chickity Check out Their Story-

Enthusiasm is Brewing on Cape Ann

Posted: July 22nd, 2010

North Shore Dish Photo

Finding ourselves in Gloucester on a recent sultry summer day, we needed to quench our thirst, and where better to find a frosty quaff than Cape Ann Brewing Company? A small craft brewing company, CABC has gained not just a loyal following but a popularity that reaches far beyond local.

In 2002, owner Jeremy Goldberg and a handful of friends decided to travel the country, experiencing 38 craft breweries in 40 days. The result was a documentary film entitled “American Beer, a Bockumentary.” Goldberg then moved to Gloucester to start his own operation, and in 2004, Cape Ann Brewing Company was born.

That’s just to whet your thirst for more North Shore Dish goodness.  For the Rest Of The Story Click The Link-

Enthusiasm is Brewing on Cape Ann

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