St. Peter’s Fiesta Opening Night 2010

St. Peter’s Fiesta Opening Night  06.25.2010

My Wife Dragged me down to the St. Peter’s Fiesta tonight (under protest).

With a Promise I may get Lucky Later If I go. I went and Had a great time meeting Family and Friends we have’nt seen in awhile. You could’nt ask for better night. But, it’s 10pm and I think “someone” broke a promise. But, There’s always tomorrow, or the next day, or the next…….

Here are a few Photos from tonight.

Sefatia Gets The Crowd Going during the Opening Procession
St. Peter on his way to the Altar during the opening Procession
St. Peter deciding if he wants Fried Dough or French Fries. Hmmm
St. Peter being lifted into place
Balloons and confetti were flying signaling the official start of the 2010 St. Peter's Fiesta
The Ferris Wheel all lit up (a little tacky in my opinion)

Farmers Market Opening – Vendors and Buyers

It was a beautiful day and so many Vendors and Buyers, business and the wind picked up, but the rain stayed away.

And of course entertainment while you shop.

Click on Photo below to view some of the Vendors SLIDE-SHOW

Click on Photo below for many of the Buyers SLIDE-SHOW

GOT Wheels

GOT Wheels – Gloucester-on-Two Wheels

Want to join a group of riders? Want to turn Gloucester into a riding community? Want to make the streets safer to ride on? Want to have great trails to ride on?

Visit Facebook for discussions and upcoming rides:

Facebook Logo GOT Wheels on Facebook

Baby on Board

Baby on Board!

I4C2 – With Mayor Kirk

Industrial Lot Four – Commercial Lot Two  [I4C2]

Two major projects for Gloucester Ribbon cutting for I4C2 and the Paint Factory in the background with Mayor Kirk.

Photos below of Louis Elisa  Director of Development for Seaport Advisory council and others  on hand for the Ribbon Cutting for I4C2.

Free Workshops Cape Ann Healing Center 06\26\2010

From Libby Lynch;
Hi guys below are  this weekends happenings:

1. Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel : June 26th, 2010

 Dr Erin Acevedo. 1:30-2:30pm

Recall past-life lessons for help today, interpret your dreams, and move closer to God via Soul Travel.  FREE* class based on book by Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, To pre-register call Erin Acevedo, D.C. 978-546-9828

2.  Sat, June 26, 3pm – 4pm

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Lecture with AlLandra Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art from ancient tradition; Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six energy locks on the body, pathways that feed life into our bodies. Holding these locks in combinations can bring balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The intension of this lecture is to give you simple tools to help yourself ls to help yourself with your health and wellbeing that can be utilized by you at home.
WhereTreetop Yoga Studio (map)
Para Research Building
85 Eastern Ave, Gloucester Mass 
Pre-registration is required, Please call to reserve your space now (978) 282-1191 x1
Check out our website for more details
As always,
Thank you
Libby Lynch
Cape Ann Healing Center
TreeTop Yoga Studio

Five dollar Margaritas and & Parties

Hey everyone,

Fiesta started Wednesday night and goes all through Sunday in Gloucester! If you’ve been, you know how much fun it is, if not, you gotta check it out! Between the Greasy Pole, entertainment, food, and drinks, it has it all!
We have a few things going on at the Topside this weekend as well. We are now home of the $4.95 16 oz. Margaritta. Great food specials all weekend and great entertainment. Thursday, I have Samantha Farrell swinging with her band at 8:00 till close. Based out of Boston, her new album “Luminous” was produced by one of the members of the Dave Mathews Band and was ranked #7 on the national pop independent iTunes charts. Her music has also been featured on the TV show “One Tree Hill”
Friday, I have Jamie Kent playing at 9:00. His music is drawn and inspired from the likes of Jack Johnson, to Johnny Cash and even Frank Sinatra. At only 24 years old, he’s definitley on the rise. Hope to see you at some point this weekend. Bueno Fiesta!!!


Doug Silva
Topside Grill
50 Rogers St.
Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-1399

Fiesta and the Fort

Hi Joey,
I wonder if you would let the GoodMorningGloucester community know that a preview of the Down the Fort project’s documentary about the Fort is running at the Cape Ann Community Cinema throughout the Fiesta? The title of the film is "No Pretty Prayer" and the preview running at CACC is 20 minutes long.

The Cinema is running a loop during the following hours:




Thanks for any help you can provide us in getting the word out!

Sal Zerilli
(310) 254-0725

All Three 2009 Greasy Pole Winning Walks On Video Only Here On GMG

2009 Friday Greasy Pole winner Jason Favaloro

video from Mike Lindberg

Stew McGillivray Sunday 2009-

click pic for video

Stew McGillray 2009 Sunday Greasy Pole Win Video From Greasy Pole Doc

Joe Stalline wins Saturday 2009 Greasy Pole Video from Mike Lindberg-

Joe Stalline wins Saturday’s Greasy Pole.

For some great shots by Sharon click here.