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First Day of the Farmer’s Market–from the kid’s point of view

Just a few pics from today’s opening of the Farmers’ Market at its newly gorgeous location—GMG was well represented and the ladies and gentlemen who take the great pics were out in force but I got a few of my kids and the ceremony to share with you………Great Job to all involved—it is a great day for Cape Ann and the City of Gloucester!

Brianna and Lily are their way to the market!

The ceremony from Roger’s Street

Mayor Kirk and some City Council members at the ribbon cutting ceremony–and the kids had taken off on me by this point…..

My niece Sarah–she would shortly be chewing on a delicious piece of pizza crust from Alchemy that I shared with her…….yum!

Sarah and Sophie

Can I touch her?

Got her!

Brianna’s cool tattoos

Best friends Lily and Brianna!

And we got out of there and home right before the first raindrop hit!

Meet Gloucesters New Nurses

2010 White Breakfast

Northshore Community College Nursing Program Graduation

at the Gloucester Cruiseport

Today Gloucester Welcomed seven new Nurses including my Beauitful Wife Cathy,  who currently works at the Seacoast Nursing Home.

All of the Graduates passed an intense year long Practical Nursing Program at Northshore College. They gave up their; personal and career lives, sleep, holidays and Family Functions to earn their Degrees.

I’m very proud of my Wife. She worked so hard for this Degree.  Her dedication and Caring will benefit many in the career she chooses.

If you see any of these Hard Working, Dedicated Women around Town, Congratulate them! They Deserve it.

Gloucesters New Nurses, from left to right; Jennifer Severino, Deb Taylor, Rosa Harris, Heather Buffum, Cathy Frontiero, Stephanie Belcher, not Shown Tara Korinko

Cathy Frontiero being Pinned as 3 of 4 of our Boys look on

Cathy and Me. The Blue stripes on her cap indicate that she's a Graduate.

Anthony "Matza" Giambanco- Six Time Greasy Pole Champ

Anthony “Matza” Giambanco Six Time Greasy Pole Champ

For all the Greasy Pole and Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage Click The Link Below

You won’t be disappointed

Gloucester Treasure Trove

If you drive by Pond Road and see the big garage sale sign out, you should check out the treasures of The Recycler, Bill Loiacano. He has a whole warehouse of treasures that fill the inside and spill out around the entrances. The sheer amount of stuff is impressive. He really wants to divert things from the landfill and will find items by request. Among the treasures we’ve discovered are: Red Ryder wooden trike, matchbox cars, books, and vintage crystal glass doorknobs. He’s got everything from furniture and bikes to lamps and records. Whenever the sign is out – he’s there so stop on by and say hello!

Video interview 00:02:14

Thank you to Bill for the interview!

Bill Loiacano
10A Pond Road, Gloucester, MA

Manchester Turf Field Installation

Click for more photos - Thom Falzarano

The turf filed is under construction and will be completed in several weeks.   The process is pretty neat to watch.   The prep work to the ground is vital and turf installation is like laying carpet.  All the seams are sewn together and the rubber is then installed with a special machine, then the last step is to add athletes!

Former Greasy Pole Champs Talk About 2010 Featuring Peter Black Frontiero, Chris Carlson, Steve LeBlanc, and Scotty Clayton

Former Greasy Pole Champs Talk About 2010 Featuring Peter Black Frontiero, Chris Carlson, Steve LeBlanc, and Scotty Clayton

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