How Does This Good Egg Spend Her Birthday? Why Cleaning The Streets Of Gloucester, That’s How!

A little birdie Ed Collard told me it was a very special person’s birthday today.  Not any ordinary citizen but super dooper, over-the-top Gloucester helper and lover Donna Ardizzoni’s Birthday.

Now you may know Donna as the woman who organizes the One Hour at a Time Gang Saturday morning volunteer clean up crew or you may know her as a Board of Director on the Chamber of Commerce or you may know her from seeing pictures of her cleaning at the very end of the night after everyone enjoyed the Block Parties and she was right there with us making sure the streets were completely clean so that permitting for subsequent Block Parties would go smoothly.

But today was her birthday.  A day that is for one’s self.  And Donna one who is the ultimate doer as opposed to many out there that like to talk but never take action was out cleaning the streets of Gloucester with her group of One Hour At a Time Gangers- On Her Birthday.

So next time you see Donna- Give her a pat on the back and an atta girl.  She’s one hell of a good egg!

Happy Birthday Donna From Your Buddy Joey! First Drink Is On Me At Next Week’s Block Party!   Woot!



8 thoughts on “How Does This Good Egg Spend Her Birthday? Why Cleaning The Streets Of Gloucester, That’s How!

  1. Happy Birthday Donna who I have never met but you are my idol.

    Short Story: I am bummed by the way people are parking around my lab so my son and I go down right next to Fenway Park and paint a bunch of orange lines. For a very hot Saturday for some reason it was a lot of fun. After the deed is done I enjoy how everyone is parking in the right places. But a weird thing happens. As I drive down the road I look at orange road marker lines and think, “hmm I could paint them better”. I even start dreaming about painting lines in the road.

    For me, this feeling passes. For Someone like Donna, this feeling did not pass and she is out there every weekend making Gloucester more beautiful.

    So kudos to the ones who listen to their dreams and make a difference.


  2. Thank you so much. I am emotional and feel so greatful to have people like you all around. Loves Donna
    Joey what can I say? You are terrific and Ed….


  3. Donna my little puddin head. Remember when I put pigtails in your hair? We had just about a half inch of hair to work with so that I could give you that left eye Lopez look from the group TLC. You know they wrote that great song about not wantin to be datin no scrubs? Its a knew year so put that damn hand sanitizer down and have some fun. Love Barbara aka The DressCode


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