Karma’s A Bitch- RIP JJ Jinglenuts

Just got a call from the Mrs.

Our neighbor just popped by to let her know that there’s a tore up cat in his yard and it  looks like JJ.  I guess all the killing of the mice and the chipmunks finally caught up to the poor fella and an animal a little higher on the food chain got him last night.

JJ I hope you’re having fun up in heaven and there is plenty of fine pussy up there for you to play with.  We’ll miss you buddy.

We got JJ as a kitten at the animal shelter in Salem.  It was after a long period of trying to conceive our first child without success and many medical procedures.   Within a month of JJ’s arrival into our home The Mrs became pregnant with The Bean.

There have been many funny stories revolving around JJ but my favorite was the one in particular I’ll never forget.

JJ never liked closed doors. If there was a room he wanted to get into he would scratch and scratch and scratch at the door until you would get up and open it to let him get to the other side of that damn door.  To say that his scratching wasn’t a total PITA to have to manage would be a lie.

The Mrs would often yell at him when he scratched at the doors or a piece of furniture.  So one day when the Bean was 2 years old I get home from work and we are all sitting around the island in the kitchen and JJ starts scratching at the door that leads out to our screened in porch.  Without hesitation and with the perfect inflection in her voice The Bean at all of 2 years old says out loud “FUCKIN JJ”! Obviously she picked up that little oratory gem from hearing The Mrs lash out in an irritated state when JJ had scratched at the door one too many times in the course of a day..  But the way she said it was just perfect with the inflection and attitude- “Fuckin JJ”!

I looked at my wife and she looked at me and that’s when we learned that we ought to watch our mouths around the little ones because they really do pick up everything you say whether you think they are listening or not.

Well anyway buddy it’s been a good run.  Thanks for keeping my feet warm at the foot of the bed and being the Angel Cat that brought little Eloise into our lives.

JJ Jinglenuts Oct 14, 2006- June 9,2010

JJ with The Bean –


JJ With Madeline


The Bean Insisted To be In This Shot-




27 thoughts on “Karma’s A Bitch- RIP JJ Jinglenuts

  1. Oh No!!! Joey, I’m so sorry for the loss of your pet. That stinks. People who don’t have pets sometimes don’t understand how sad it can really be to lose one. I hope your girls are dealing with it ok, and hope you all can have some great laughs with your memories of JJ.


  2. My condolences Joey. It sounds like JJ Jinglenuuts went out in the saddle doing what he did best. In lue of flowers you should post a link for donations to Mr Jinglenuts’ favorite animal shelter. Then in a few weeks pick out a nice junkyard mutt puppy.

    You could call him Homie then have double “What’s Up Homie” posts.


  3. So sorry to hear that! My condolences. Sounds like he had a good run and lived a great life with you and your family…lots of mice, sunny windows and kids to entertain him.


  4. sorry bro , we just had to put down our abby dog after 14 years of service of chasing cats : ) I dont know about you but our pets are part of our family and it’s hard . we had our friend whos a vet come to our home and give abby dog a shot to make her sleep for good , she was real sick and her heart was giving out so before she was in alot of pain we let her go . once again brother sorry for your loss .


  5. [ JJ ] Must have been that dang coyote…Sorry to hear that brother. Sure they are a nuisance at times wrecking the house from scratching….But the quiet times when he is doing his job eating mice, keeping you company, and being a good cat you dont truly measure until he’s gone…At least he had some good years after the shelter 😦


  6. Wow he was a big cat! I can imagine how you all must feel. I lost a cat two years ago and now have two cats and both were adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid. They are the best.


  7. I’m so sad 😦 I think Jill is smart to tell the girls he went to live outside. Does anyone think cousins BJ & Amanda will by that story @ the age of 11??? Looks like I’ll be taking out our “Life Cycles” book about dieing tonight. It really is a great book to explain death & dieing to kids.


  8. I wonder if in heaven JJ will have his nuts back.

    You think when he’s romping around up there that god will make him whole again and he’ll be going around spreading his cat seed to all the horny girl cats?

    I sure hope so. Go get em JJ!


  9. As much as Livvy (our 10 year old cat) is a huge pain in the ass, we’d all miss her terribly if she wasn’t around. I’m feeling sad for your family, Joey.


  10. Oh no! So sad this happened and thinking of you and your beautiful family. Poor little guy… I’m sure he’s doing pretty great where he’s at though. He had a great family and became a famous inter-webs cat which is pretty darn good.


  11. So Sorry to hear about JJ. Being a cat lover, I loved your stories. Losing one is very difficult and he certainly was special. I am sure he will be happy in kitty cat heaven. All my best to you and your family.


  12. I am sorry for your family but I am still laughing about “fuckin’ JJ!” When our Lydia Charlotte was less than 2, we were in Belarus, where we live in a very small apartment with the Belarusian couple who host us when we’re in the country. We had a very unpleasant business meeting where I ended up yelling about money and other stuff, then leaving the room. Lydia Charlotte toddled out into the hallway, looked at me squarely, and said, “Goddammit.”


  13. So sorry to hear about poor JJ. Any idea what got him?
    My cat got chewed up last summer by a racoon that scaled our ten foot fence- Puff lived to tell about it but ended uo quarintined for 3 frickin’ months. 3 months of meowing, crying, and ripping up carpet.

    Hope the Bean gets along without her cat.
    There are plenty at the CAA if you are thinking of a replacement. Just keep it indoors.:)


  14. Bummer Joey….you’ll miss him more than you realize!

    Maybe in a few months the girls can pick out their own kitty??? Maybe a female who isn’t always on the prowl?

    Hugs the girls tight….


  15. Sorry for your loss…one pet is not replacable by another…he is not it is no longer possible to let your pets roam free…there are too many fisher and coyote out there. To do otherwise is to feed coyote and fisher and it encourages them to come close to your children and animals making the problem worse. Housepets are hapless victims…


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