Market Restaurant At Lobster Cove Interview Preview Pics

Tomorrow We Will Have The Video Done But For Now Feast On These Pics

Click For The Full Sized Versions










8 thoughts on “Market Restaurant At Lobster Cove Interview Preview Pics

  1. Place looks great. Used to ride my bike across the bridge as a kid and buy candy and soda at the store. Fished and crabbed off the docks as a kid too. A few years ago, someone caught a 50+ pound striper in a little honey hole not too far from the marina. Great area.


  2. Looks fabulous! Your wicked sharp pix bring the place to life, Joey. That location is one of Cape Ann’s gems. I must go check it out.


      1. I did indeed realize that! That’s why I asked the question.

        Karen and I are already planning a trip up to visit this place. I don’t know if Dad will have a boat, yet, so we may need to come by car. But we’re really looking forward to it. It looks exactly like our type of restaurant. Thanks for the great pictures.


  3. Went here for dinner Saturday evening, and it was
    fantastic. There is so much young energy going on here, it is so refreshing. The entire dinner was perfect, they do not yet have a liquor license, but you can bring your own wine. They charge ten dollars a table for corkage, well worth it. I had the most wonderful lobster/scallop cakes…..all lobster and scallop, perfectly seared. The desert was heavenly, it was called Bread Pudding, but it was unlike any bread pudding I ever had. It was like a buttery short bread pudding, with fresh oranges, served warm…mmmmm. This is going to be a very popular spot this summer, the staff
    she has put together is perfect, we were there on the second official night open and the evening went off without a hiccup. Thanks Joey, for the


  4. The place is only a few paddle strokes from my backyard. We always tie up at the dock. As you approach from the water, we keep the whole dock system on your right and go to the inside finger closest to the street. Water can get pretty skinny there at low tide but we have not had any problem finding a place to tie up our 16′ boat whenever we go there.


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