GMG – Plum Cove Gives Back

Hi Joey –

On Friday, June 4th the students at Plum Cove School held a fundraiser – Popcorn for a Cause.

We sold popcorn and water during snack time and the children (and staff members) were allowed to choose a local charity to help. We had donation baskets set up and instead of giving their money to the cashier, they put their money in the basket(s) of their choice. I can’t tell you how happy they were to be helping members of their community and to have the power to make the decision on which organization would receive their donation.

Every child enjoyed a popcorn snack, whether or not they made a donation. Some even wanted to bring money in at a future time to help a cause that was close to their heart.

All of the proceeds from the event will help the following local charities –

Wellspring, Pathways for Children, Cape Ann Open Door Food Pantry, and Cape Ann Animal Aid

I think it is important for the children to know that their contribution (no matter how big) are helping children, elders, families, and animals in their community. Thanks for sharing this with your GMG readers.

This is also my last official fundraiser as the leader of the Plum Cove PTC and I wanted to do something extra special with our students. I think it was a huge success and I hope that it is a tradition that will continue.

I’d like to thank the community for their support and GMG for helping to spotlight all of the wonderful events that take place in the Gloucester Public Schools.

Plum Cove is proud to give back!

Kristin Michel

Team Leader 2009-10

Plum Cove Parent Teacher Co-op

ps – If any of the charities noted above are reading this post . . . . your check is in the mail 🙂

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