Joey’s ManBag! Breaking News!

Joey was caught, I think on Niles Beach Sporting his new “ManBag” by “SOB OF THE BLOG” Sorry, I mean FOB (Friend of the Blog) Cathy.


Whoever Cathy is thanks for the photo of Joey and his ManBag!

give yourself a plug if you’d like in the comment section and i’ll pass it  on the Blog!

I’m not trying to bust’em on JOEY AND HIS “MANBAG”, I’M JEALOUS. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ARTWORK! Done by Again and Again.

I’ll have to put an order in for one. I have two but not as nice as his for my painting stuff. I’ll post them someday.

Cathy's Photo of Joey and his "ManBag"

For more on Friedas Bags and Totes made out of recycled Sails click the link below

7 thoughts on “Joey’s ManBag! Breaking News!

  1. Love that bag Joey. I got an awesome one in Maine with what else but a hugh lobsta on it. It’s an awesome looking lobsta. Nut I love the GMG one. Right up there with my lobsta.


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