who just happens to look like a J. Crew model with an iPad

Paul F. Frontiero, are you asleep at the wheel? Why haven’t you posted this? I am posting this out of my normal 2 PM deadline to bring you breaking news. Heather Atwood front page of “Food For Thought” has an article about Mr Joey Ciaramitaro. Oh shoot. Joey already posted this yesterday. But I think it needs to be bumped to the top again with a special underlining of the J. Crew comment.

Since it is old news I’ll add a bit more of potpourri leftovers that don’t quite make the cutoff of deserving of their own article in GMG.

1) Anyone know what’s up with Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign designating the entrance to Rockport? As marker to the beginning of summer they are usually up by mid May. Sandy, or the Rockport fairies, need to get on the stick.

2) Lattof Farm Stand (across the street from the missing signs) will be all freshly baked monkey bread opening June 25th. I will post photos of my face like a well fed hamster when I find the monkey bread.

3) Can anyone believe how toasty the water is around Cape Ann? 57F is bathwater. Jump in and lets hope this warm water doesn’t draw too much of a crowd.

4) It’s a small world after all. Or Good Morning Gloucester and our fearless leader just knows everyone up and down the east coast. Case in point: Fishing with an old friend off Woods Hole Last week and he told me the name of the tug boat he was on. He’s been based out of New York City for years. Googled the “Lincoln Sea” and where do I end up but a familiar blog, “The Tugster” who has been up to see Joey. Nice photo of the Lincoln Sea on his blog then another link I am checking out a drawing of the smaller Davis Sea on Bowsprite’s blog.

Tugster photo of three K-Sea tugs, the Lincoln is the big one.
Bowsprite drawing of the smaller Davis Sea in the above photo.

I knew he worked on tug boats but I was thinking more the quaint little dudes, not the tall monster that is the Lincoln Sea. It pushes DBL140 around so it needs a tall perch to look over that big barge.

A quick search of GMG one can find a video of Bowsprite in a bikini jumping in the water off the Capt Joe dock. Not sure what time of the year but I do not think it was bathwater. If you are male and have a pulse you will search.

9 thoughts on “who just happens to look like a J. Crew model with an iPad

  1. LOL!!! Paul have you seen Joey’s new “Manbag”, from Again & Again, It’s really nice. I love the red rope handle.


  2. I would have called what I last saw as a “man purse” but I have seen some news that he is upgrading to a sailcloth man purse which might, in the right circumstances, be called a sail man bag. Or man sail bag.


  3. I miss you mad Gloucesterians, or GoodMorningians!…what is in monkeybread? did someone tell Monkeyfist? uggggh, please do not search: my beer gut hangs over and obliterates bikini bottom.


  4. Monkey Bread Photo and recipe.
    Lattof Farms makes the best monkeybread I have ever had. They make it each morning. Driving out of town I stop by and might wait for the monkeybread to come out of the oven. They use super extra butter and sugar. It’s called monkeybread because you pull it apart like a monkey. On the drive into Boston I have eaten an entire ring and had to hose myself off at work.


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