The H Bomb Drops On GMG- Heather Atwood Has Some Nice Things To Say

Chickity Check her latest blog post-

Lobster Rolls, Appellation Controllee, GMG

Some mornings the tea spills, the weeds rule, and the fog won’t lift, but there is a recipe for curing any bad start: a cruise through the blog GoodMorningGloucester.

Your water bill may be too high.  Your spot on the Rockport mooring wait-list too low, but there is no way you can feel anything but love for this part of the world once you’ve spent five minutes reading Joey Ciaramitaro’s take on Cape Ann, even if you’re reading from China.

To read the rest click here and discover her new blog- Food For Thought On The Gloucester Daily Times Website

Thanks for the kind words H 🙂

I would have to add that I have a great group of contributors and GMG community that make the blog what it is.  Without the people that check it out, write in to comment and give us encouragement it would just be a bunch of folks posting pictures and commenting on their own lives.  It’s the GMG community of people who write in and share similar experiences, likes and dislikes that make GMG special.  I’m just one part of it.  Oh and I’m also a lobster dealer, not a lobsterman.

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