Live At The Paint Factory With CK and Ian Kerr

Under Carolyn Kirk’s administration two out of three major long stymied parcels have had actual forward progress take place- I4C2 and the Paint Factory. Mac Bell buying The Birdseye parcel shows promise as well and if the administration and councilors can see the benefit of moving The Cape Ann Brewery into the Doyon’s building it will be quite an accomplishment.

Many pictures from GMG correspondent Manny Simoes in the morning

6 thoughts on “Live At The Paint Factory With CK and Ian Kerr

    1. It isn’t my idea. From what I understand the Brewery would like to but the zoning presents some challenges even though that building does not have waterfront access because the City owns the walkway that is in between the building and the water so it is not as if you could offload fish there.


  1. I’m really happy about the Cape Ann Brewery move and their additional seats. As an attraction (legally cannot be a restauraunt) I also belong in the downtown area. I believe our facility would be a great asset for the restaurants. Any space down there for us?
    I believe if you look at envigeration of Portsmouth, Portland, etc., it starts with the restaurants as a destination. People will follow good eats! Cheers to all of our restaurants for having the confidence to invest in in Gloucester.


  2. I4C2 has been more like I2C Nothing for decades while the Paint Factory in it’s dilapidated state has become an artistic icon! And then you talk about the line of sight to City Hall and that to has gone through a partial re-hab. What’s next Joey? Relaxed DEP regulations for a certain parcel along the East Gloucester waterfront, along with others! I bet our “Can Do” Mayor can do something about that!


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