CBS Amazing Race 17 Teams Identified

Click here for links to the video I took at the start of the race and the rest of the Amazing Race 17 coverage

Thanks to the Reality Fan Forum we can identify the contestants that I captured as they embarked on the first leg of The Amazing Race 17 on our lobster boats right across from the dock here in East Gloucester.  This may help fans identify which boats their favorite teams are on as we learn more about who is who.
When you click on the first pic it will give you the super enlarged version so you can zoom in on each team

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When the first episode starts you can look for your favorite teams by which are on the boats as follows- Purple and Yellow Team on The Jennie C (Dark Green Lobster Boat skippered by Tom Lupo).

The Lime Green Team who are on the (a black tuna boat) and were in the lead according to my wife as they left Eastern Point and headed down East Main Street Gloucester within the first hour of the race  they were the drop dead gorgeous all female team according to first hand accounts.

The Dark Green Team of Connor Lawrence Diemand-Yauman and   Jonathan Schwartz .  Both Princeton Class of ’10, could they be Team Nassoons? (A Princeton a capella singing group). Credit to David Walter of The Ink for the COMPLETE REVEAL via Reality Fan Forum also the Blue team aboard the Karyn D (a Rockport based lobster boat) skippered by Ryan Drohan.

Team Turquoise and Team Grey(with hints of Maroon) aboard the Karen Lynn (a light gray tuna boat) Team Turquoise- Stephanie Smith (22) and Chad Waltrip (25)—Newly Dating. Both are currently in Jacksonville, Fl. She is the former MISS SOUTH CAROLINA USA 2009. Credit to Macaroons for the Complete REVEAL here. via Reality fan Forum

Team Pink and Team Orange aboard The Lady J (a white lobster boat with blue trim skippered by Dave Jewell) Team Orange- two black guys who may or many not be a little effeminate (not that there’s anything wrong with that) 🙂 and Team Pink an all female team.

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