Heather Atwood and Lenny Linquata Tape The 100th Episode Of The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

Last night The Gloucester Daily Times held it’s 100th taping of it’s Taste of The Times Food Show at Cruiseport Gloucester.  My buddy and new GMG contributor Joe Langhan asked me to go and I didn’t know if I would be able to make it but my sister Felicia was going to be there and things just happened to fall into place to allow me to make it.  I expected there to be about 30-40 people there but when I pulled up there was a capacity crowd of about 250. 


It was a great night for several reasons- I got to meet a lot of the people from the Times that I email with often but never had met face to face along with many friends and fans of the blog that I’d never met in person.  There was a ton of food there.  I mean a TON but even though I hadn’t eaten beforehand I only sampled a few excellent pieces of sushi from Lat 43 and a small cup of the new Folly Cove rum from Ryan and Wood Distillery. I was starving but meeting new people will always trump hunger.  Making friends to me is what life is all about. 


4 thoughts on “Heather Atwood and Lenny Linquata Tape The 100th Episode Of The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

  1. And Joey, don’t forget, you got to see “Homie’s” biggest fan too!

    It was a fun night and it was great to see you and so many other people. Thank you everyone who came up to me and commented on my show–it means a lot to me!


  2. Joey,
    So great to meet you last night! Thanks for checking out my blog (it’s nice to know that other people besides my family & friends are interested in it).

    I’m excited to know of your blog & will plan to visit this site frequently 🙂


  3. Joey,I have to agree it was a “Great” night. Lots of food, lots of people,and lots of fun! Congratz to all involved. The highlight for me was watching Lenny prepare his mouth watering 7 min meals.Especially the one w/ the green apples. Delish!!! I love the smile on his face in the photo. I know that feeling well. Cooking makes me smile too!


    1. Sorry Joey I forgot to put my name 😦 I know I drive you crazy when it comes to computer stuff. I just not good at it ! But I can Cook!!!!!!!!


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