What Up Homie?


What Up Homie?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


6 thoughts on “What Up Homie?

  1. Reading your rant about searching for info on your blog. I have been a fan. You’re the son of a high school friend and co-cheerleader.
    But that will now change.
    Pictures of your children – coupled with the language you used while ranting – tells me you are not who I thought you were.
    And your lofty attitude that some people still don’t know their way around the net is truly off putting.
    I only recently found difference among the 3 browsers I now use. Results are not always the same. I think you recently got a lesson on FB visibility…Get over yourself.
    I won’t be checking for a response as I am deleting my subscription to your blog.


    1. Well I’m sorry to disappoint.

      It isn’t that I have a problem with people not knowing their way around the net because I understand that there is a HUGE population that doesn’t grasp it. I honestly get that and it’s a big part of the reason that when I link to something I type out the words to get to xyz click this text instead of just highlighting the name of the site, because I realize that there is a certain segment of the online community that doesn’t understand that highlighted text is a hyperlink to another site.

      The thing that drives me nuts is when I explain it 10 to 15 times to the same person when they tell me they couldn’t find a story and I go through the explanation of how to use the search box, point it out to them and they still don’t get it.

      There is no question that a lack of patience in this situation is a character flaw of mine (among many many other things)

      What set off that rant was another one of these situations with someone that is close to me and I must have explained 20 times how to perform a search, how to use google to find things, why they should never forward or open animated or joke emails which many times contain viruses and a host of other internet related issues asked me for the 6th or 7th time how to find a certain post. The person asked me to forward the link and instead I went through the simple steps to finding it on their own using the search box.

      I figured it was like the old saying that you are better off teaching a man to fish rather than giving one fish so they will be able to feed themselves day after day.

      But the post was written out of frustration after the person I had already explained this too still didn’t either want to learn how to perform the search or was too lazy to do it.

      The post was the wrong way to explain that but that was the way I was feeling when it was written-frustrated.

      I’m far from perfect. Sorry

      I’m not apologizing for the use of the single swear word, but for the lack of patience I had in explaining it again.


    2. Joey,

      Please don’t feel like you need to explain yourself to the “co-cheerleader” (how old is she now? and she still considers herself a cheerleader!?) for being a proud parent and showing pics of your kids, anyone who disrespects someone, and is not willing to stick around for a response, is not worth listening to in the first place. Good riddance.


  2. Joey —- I’m so happy to see the birds “talking” again! I miss them; they’re among my favorite posts on this site.

    PS — Keep on being YOU.


  3. Oh, so that’s what Paul’s comment was about. Well Joey, I for one love the pictures of the kids. They’re so cute. And as far as language, give me a break. My mother won’t say the word shit, but even she isn’t that much of a PURITAN, that if I say the F word, she doesn’t even get mad. That person has no business reading the blog. No loss Joey. And Jimmy T is right, all the way right.


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