Gallo Productions and Joe Langhan

Yesterday morning we banged out three interview style short videos at Gallo Productions located at 11 Center St. 

The team of Joe Langhan who was involved with starting the Food Network and Gianni Gallo who owns and operates Gallo Productions are producing serious video in house.  I never knew it existed at this location and I certainly had no idea of the scope of Gianni’s work which takes him all over the world. 

There are no signs on the building to tell you what is going on in there.  Hell even my third guest Jonathan Pope- co-president of the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association couldn’t find it even after walking up and down the street for a good while.

Once you enter the doors and see the production facility and how professional the whole set up is you would be proud to have these types of pros part of the working culture of our City.   These aren’t hacks like me, this is an internnational media business and it is based right out of our City of Gloucester.

I want to reiterate something so that it sinks in in case I didn’t drive it home the first time.  Today’s technology means that this type of production facility and these types of talented media magnates such as Gianni Gallo and Joe Langhan do not need to locate here.  They can broadcast Hi Definition television from Boston, New York, LA- wherever they chose.  The content that Gianni films is all over the world.

But they chose to work here.  In Gloucester.  That should tell you something.  This is a great place we have here my friends.

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