Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree vs Crappy Rockland Lobster Trap Tree- You Decide

The Fantastic Majestic Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree

The Crappy Unimaginative Maine Lobster Trap Tree

The Crappy Unimaginative Rockland Lobster Trap Tree

photo courtesy cascobaymeatheads

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Present Flyer



Fabulous homes in the Annisquam and Rowley Shore area of Gloucester will be open to the public on Saturday, November 21, for a self guided tour from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some of these beautiful homes will be professionally decorated for the holidays. “Homes for the Holidays” is a program of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Businesswomen’s Division.

The Home Tour is being planned by the Businesswomen to support the Carolyn O’Connor Scholarship. Named for the first Chairperson of this active Chamber group, the scholarship benefits a woman who is changing careers or returning to the workforce after an absence and is in need of further education. The Businesswomen have given out four $1,000 scholarships since it was created in 2006. The group is hoping to raise enough funds to either increase the scholarship amount or the number of scholarships for 2010.

Tickets are $25.00 in advance and $30.00 on the day of the tour. Actual tickets and a map showing the location of the homes can be picked up on the day of the tour at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, 33 Commercial Street, Gloucester between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Contact the Chamber office at 978-283-1601 to order your advance tickets.

Rockland, Maine Lobster Trap Tree

Those fuckers up in Maine are touting their lobster trap tree as the largest one ever.

Well we’ll see about that!

Won’t you help out building the Tenth Annual Lobster Trap Christmas Tree?

To Help-

Friday, November 27, 2009 at 9:00am

Gloucester Police Station Plaza

Let’s show these no good Mainer rat bastards who’s boss when it comes to building lobster trap trees!

Maybe we could get a bet going between public officials from each community.  Hmmmm, what local politician believes in our tree enough to step up?

Stay tuned.


Rockland, Maine Lobster Trap Tree, originally uploaded by Kadance.

Picture from Kadance

Sawyer Free Library Art Auction Exhibit Video- How It Works Video

There are works by Jeff Weaver and Bittman that are going for fractions of their worth.

My advice?  Get down there and bid!  You might just steal something.  The Live Auction sounds like a blast as well-

Banana Glam O Rama Pics From David Cox


Don’t you just love how everyone dressed up for the occasion?

click pics for full sized versions
Banana Glam O Rama Pics From David Cox
Banana Glam O Rama Pics From David Cox
Maggie and Steve
Banana Glam O Rama Pics From David Cox
click pics for larger versions