North Shore Magazine Covers The GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Competition

Lauren Carelli writes-

“The restaurant has hosted several bands before, but it was clear that this was the biggest event the tiny bar and grille has seen. It was as if eleven celebrities had shown up to a nightclub, and as the night went on I got the feeling that to everyone at the bar, these contestants were celebrities.”

“Last week my editor Jack asked if I wanted to go take pictures at a local event. Having an interest in photography as well as writing I said sure why not, he told me it was a buffalo wing eating contest and it would be “fun.” I figured it’d be a quick in-and-out shoot with a few people. Well…about 5 hours later I found myself standing in the corner of a restaurant observing pure chaos. I felt as if I was in a reality TV show where a grown man in a pig costume, a female version of chicken little, and three men in ponchos were the stars. By the end of the night I was at a loss of words. I felt like it was a dream, like people could not really be that crazy when it came to buffalo wings. For the first time in four years, I was stumped. “

To read the entire article with pics click this text

5 thoughts on “North Shore Magazine Covers The GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Competition

  1. But did she not expect that from GMG?

    We bring the thunder baby!!!!!

    We’re not some vanilla entertainment outfit.

    When you want excitement, when you want something bordering on disaster or greatness- give us a call- you’re guarantee to be entertained or as we say-
    “we’ll refund your subscription price”.




    1. “when you want something bordering on disaster or greatness”

      but you want it to turn into the most entertaining night out at the local bar and grill you must have Joey as the MC.

      My mouth is still burning (I only checked a miniscule taste to know what I was judging) and I am still laughing.

      I only hope that no swine were harmed in the evening’s production. “You can poke your eye out with that”.


  2. Great article by Lauren. Only problem is how she could think she would never meet such a diverse group again?

    Am I not going to recognize H1 or N1 or Big Lar or any of the other contestants while I am in the produce aisle at Shaws? Is everyone over at Market Basket now?


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