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2009 Wearable Arts Show

From Jackie Ganim-DeFalco-

2009 Wearable Arts Show, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Hi Joe,
I’d love to start getting the word out about this and the Middle Street walk.  This has a raffle for the library too!  Tickets for the Library raffle go on sale 11-15 at the Library $2 each or 3 for 5.
Raffle Prizes include & more to come…:donated by seARTS members & jewelers in the show….
Apple Bay Design- Pewter and Turquoise Necklace

Beth Williams – $50 Gift Certificate – Jewelry

Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco – Sea Glass Pin and 2010 Sea Glass Calendar

Rebecca Williams – Bracelet and CD

Nina Lapchyk – Necklace

Lee Cunningham – A necklace of large, vintage, faux pearls, with lavender crystal briolettes.

Margaret Derby – Scarf

Susan Kenna – Five Bead Needlefelted Necklace

Meredith Anderson – jewelry

4 “Flex” tickets to the Wheelock Family Theater in Boston (value $100)

Family Membership to the Puppet Showplace Theater (value $100)

Classical Organ Music (5 different CD’s)

Ken Bonfield – Four $60 value guitar lesson gift certificates


Jalepeno Timmy Pre Interview For The GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Hot Wing Challenge

Jalepeno Timmy came straight out of the barrio in East LA to compete in tonight’s GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge.

Jalepeno Timmy was all business during our interview which we will put up as soon as it’s finished downloading.

GMG Local Music Nov.11 – Nov.15

Remember you can subscribe to GMG Local Music by clicking on the link on the sidebar.There’s lots of good music in Gloucester this week. This post will be updated as info comes in.


Latitude 43

Dog Bar

Rhumb Line

Topside Grill


Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ the Rhumb Line and Beyond

It’s gonna be a busy week, so, let’s get going.
Thursday nite, it looks like yet another close encounter of the fourth kind, as we welcome back that doodley duo: Mario Perrett and Edd “Duodenum” Scheer. I love playin’ with these guys. Cutie-Pie Mario, who may or may not have posed for Playgirl Magazine, will be honkin’ his sax and testifyin’ to that vocal jive while Ed, our see-thru drummer and vocal ad-libber will be nailin’ down the beat and laughing at everybody within earshot.Looking befuddled and playing his catarrh will be Greg T.,of course, and I, too, on base.

Things deteriorate rapidly this Friday nite at Elliot’s at the Blackburn, with the triumphant return of The Geezerz. Last time there we outdid ourselves and I was forced to change my slacks twice (Just kidding).As you all must know by now, The big G is decomposed of Dave Brown, battin’ cleanup, Dave Mattacks, who carefully locates that arcane spot between tick and tock, Greg Tower, who nullifies the void, and myself, with mop and pail.Showtime is 8:30, and ends when the band disappears.

But, wait! there’s more: If you act now I’ll throw in with no cost to anyone: another jam session! Yes, yes, this Sunday afternoon, from 1 to 4  at Chianti’s in Beverly, there will be a monstro gathering of the troops to raise money for The North Shore Blues Project. This is the brainchild of local filmmaker Henry Ferrini, and we gotta help him out. Tryin’ to get some dough together to spread the word of the blues to kids around here with film and live performances. On tap are the likes of Willie”Loco” Alexander,John Hyde and his blushing bride, Sandi Bedrosian, Mark Retallack, Rik and Al-x Razdan  and many others, myself included.C’mon down!

Finally, for those of you who are underemployed,or just darn lazy, Monday afternoon at the Rose Baker Senior Center got sumfthin for yoo: the Good Old Saltine Jazz Band playin’ yer favorite hits from 1910 on. I play bass with these guys, and it’s great fun.Stop in from 1 to 3 for a taste of the real thing. No cover, no minimum! Ta-Ta!

From Doug Silva@ Topside Grill

Hey Everyone,

! Come by early if you can!! Great food, drinks, and atmosphere as always!! Please feel free to pass this e-mail along to anyone you may think would be interested as well. Thanks

Here is a list of upcoming Shows…


Julie Dougherty


Shiela Jones & Ron


Steppers Heaven


Steve Brennan


Trish Dicaprio & Gary Dolinsky


Julie Dougherty


Ric St. Germaine



Also check out Topside shows online at:

North Shore Tonight


Hope to see you there!!


Doug Silva


Topside Grill

50 Rogers St.

Gloucester, MA

(978) 281-1399 (restaurant)

(978) 335-1014 (cell phone)




What’s New At Duckworth Beach Gourmet From John Lamirande

Thanks to you the first few weeks of Duckworth Beach Gourmet have been terrific. Thank you for coming by and giving us your e-mail address. We promise we won’t deluge you with mail, but we wanted you let you know what’s new and give you a head’s up on what may surprise you the next time you visit.  We had thought we’d have a “soft opening” and kind of sneak onto the scene while we worked out the kinks, but it was a lot “louder” than we expected, and we thank you for that.  Here’s what’s new:

Cross your fingers! We are expecting to have our license to sell beer and wine by the middle of November. We have been doing our research (it’s a tough job), and as soon as we can we’ll be offering a careful selection of American craft and imported beers as well as a varied inventory of wine from many countries. Those of you who frequent Duckworth’s Bistrot will recognize some of our favorite wines from the restaurant as well as many new choices.

Last Thanksgiving, Duckworth Beach Gourmet cooked Thanksgiving for almost 200 people on Cape Ann. We offered “Turkeys on the Fly”. This year, we’ll once again provide this service to our customers, roasting locally sourced birds which are brined first to guarantee tasty, moist meat. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from a list of classic Thanksgiving side dishes as well as pies for dessert. Happy customers last year told us that having Duckworth beach Gourmet do the classic dishes allows them to focus on special family recipes. We’ll have the menu available at the store. Place your orders early!

Word is out that our sandwiches are amazing, and we’re already seen lines at lunchtime. If you’re in a hurry, you can call us with your order in advance and your delicious sandwich will be ready. As soon as we can, we’ll put the sandwich on our Web site . . . which means we need to find the time to create a Web site. So far, our best selling sandwiches are the Pork sandwich, Lamb sandwich and the Tomato/Mozzarella Panini.

If you’ve stopped by the store in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we’re constantly introducing new items in our cases of prepared foods. We’re eager for your feedback, so the next time you’re in, please tell us what you like and what you’d like us to offer.

If you’re planning a party and would like something special, let us know. With just a little notice, we’re happy to create a custom menu for you.

Several customers asked if we could find gluten-free products, and we’re happy to tell you that the first to arrive are some yummy crackers made entirely of cheese. You won’t feel as if you’re compromising at all with these.

We are open from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. from Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Folks have already started thinking about the holidays and have asked us if we’ll be offering gift certificates. Yes, we will! They’re in the works and should be available at the store in the next week or two.

We hope you’ll stop by the market often. Let us know what works for you and what doesn’t. We’re here to serve you and to make your life on Cape Ann easier and tastier.

Bon Appétit!


Great Food and Fun @ Dog Bar


Andy Mulholland opened the doors of the Dog Bar on July 25, 2007 in the quarters of the old White Rainbow Restaurant, between Rogers and Main Streets. Since then, Dog Bar has been serving up delicious dishes and great music. If some of you did not know, Dog Bar takes its name from the breakwater at the entrance to Gloucester Harbor. Andy has put much time and effort in transforming the old White Rainbow into a welcoming and warm atmosphere with creative delicious dishes. With all this said, Dog Bar is todays GMG deal of the day!!!!!


Dog Bar Menu

GMG_Deal Alert



Food,Friends, Fantastic Gifts- TONIGHT!

Present FlyerI’m privileged to be part of this incredible collaboration of wild, wonderful artists who have come together to create a gift shop like no other.

Tonight is the official opening of  PRESENT and everyone is invited to check out the unique home grown gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Have a glass of wine while you shop and make notes for those on your “list”.


6-9 p.m.

196 Main St.

Gloucester, MA

See you tonight!                 —-Sharon


Tonight is the night- sign ins for our contestants will be at 7:30PM.  It’s going to be a battle royal.   Won’t you come and join the fun with us and be part of the videos and pictures?

We’re gonna amp up the excitement for this one with a whole slew of surprises!

Ed Collard, Big Lar’, Jeremy Guyotte, Chupo, Dangerous Dick Low, Chris Doe, Jamie Re,Mikey Tigger The Two Foot Taylor, and Jalapeno Timmy will be competing.  Bring your signs, bring your appetite, come on down and cheer on the contestants.

Click this link for directions-

233 Western Ave, Essex