Keller @ Large Is An Idiot

In a blog post yesterday Jon Keller from CBS News insinuates that there is merit in boycotting lobster because same sex marriage got defeated in Maine.

Hey Dopey- do you realize that there are lobster industries in other states than Maine you fucking idiot!  States like Massachusetts.  Having nothing to do with gay rights or same sex marriages which I support BTW, why the hell would you punish the men and women that have no stake in the battle- lobstermen?

You can read the idiotic premise here-

Keller @ Large Blog

Posted by Jon_Keller cbs news-

After last night’s defeat in Maine, same-sex marriage is 0-for-31 when it’s gone before voters.

Some gay-marriage supporters are talking about a lobster boycott in response, and I think there may be some merit to the notion of moving away from civil rights arguments which (however well-founded) open the door to pushback from anti-marriage forces who contend their rights are threatened by legalization, and instead emphasizing the economic clout of gay consumers and their sympathizers. Don’t forget, Rosa Parks was part of a boycott of the local bus company that succeeded where protest marches had not.

So I ask you: would you honor a lobster boycott in protest over the Maine vote? And would you advocate a tactical change to economic pressure by the gay-marriage movement?

10 thoughts on “Keller @ Large Is An Idiot

  1. That was a valid use of the F word. “Idiot” all by itself doesn’t quite cover it. He was also a [censored], [censored], and a stupid [censored].

    Glad you don’t have censoring software on your blog. 😉


  2. A comment I left on Jon’s blog:


    I completely support gay marriage but you really need to take a map out and look where lobsters live. Gulf of Maine lobsters include Massachusetts waters.

    If you print up some bumper stickers, “Support Gay Rights Kiss a Gloucester Lobster”, then a Maine lobster boycott might make sense.

    Just kidding. It makes no sense whatsoever. Maine lobsterman are for the most part just like all lobstermen up and down the coast. They support individual rights. You may be hurting a group that by and large did not help defeat the same sex marriage bill.


  3. What does eating lobster and Gay Marriage have to do with each other. Did the Gay population of California boycott the wine industry when the vote did’nt go their own way out there. Of course not. Seems like just another Media induced crisis to fill up their 30 minute Broadcast. TV SUCKS!

    If two people, no matter what sex they are love each other and want to get married LET THEM.
    It’s no ones business but theirs.

    Maine’s a strange place with strange people. Some of my best friends are “MAINIACS”.


  4. For what it is worth I saw him do this spiel on the 11:00PM news last night and he did specifically say that we shouldn’t boycott Massachusetts lobster. And MA lobsters are all I buy anyway! I think…


  5. I agree with capeannpainter & Kathleen. That guy has to much time on his hands or is just a total idiot. And Kathleen, Allen’s. Oh my God. I tried that back in the 70’s and that is what made me switch to Kahlua. They best not be picking on my Maine lobstermen. I’ll have to slap him upside the head.


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