GLOSTA- Phobic T-Shirts for sale at Block Party

Glosta  on shirt 2 copy

The new order of t-shirts are in! Several people have asked how they can get them.

You buy one at the Block Party next Saturday night! The shirts are $15 and come in L and XL.

Anyone else who wants a shirt, click here to send me an email with your order.and how to contact you so we can meet up.  If you need it mailed to you, it will be $2 more.

I only have 30 shirts so get yours ASAP!

Thanks!                                                     —-Sharon

Listen Monday Morning at 8:06AM WRKO With Todd Feinberg and Tom Finneran

I bumped into Todd Feinberg this morning downtown and he invited me to speak about the bumping of the Gloucester Man at The Wheel from the Massachusetts quarter.  Hopefully we can talk about the good stuff too like last weekend’s Schooner Festival and this upcoming weekend’s Block Party.

I’ll be calling in at 8:05AM, you can listen to it via internet radio by clicking this link-

Or you can listen on the radio WRKO AM 680

Block Party next weekend!

topbanner block party

September 19, 2009
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Main Street Gloucester
from Pleasant Street to Washington Street

Come One Come All
FREE Downtown Block Party.
Get ready to dance and play.

Some Activities you can enjoy:

See Photo Slide Shows from past Block Parties
All musicians, performers, and organizers are donating their time. If you would like more information contact Joey Ciarimataro at 978-815-5595.

For more info, click here.

Tucker’s Farm Family Diner -Man Versus Food Challenge

Yesterday morning I finally made my way to Tucker’s farm Family Diner in the location of the former iconic Uncle Moe’s.  I’m happy to report that while it is a different owner, the family who runs this establishment have stayed true to affordable home-style cooked meals that  maintain a high level of quality.  Video at 8AM

Tucker’s Farm Family Diner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Friends Of the Blog (FOBs) Frank and Joey Ciolino called and asked if I could get away for breakfast.  Frank has been touting the Tucker Farm Family Diner for a while but for one reason or another I hadn’t been.  Finally we got our chance and it was a great experience.

Frank and Joey Ciloino Belly Up
Frank and Joey Ciloino Belly Up

Blue collar comfort food done well and priced right.   You gotta love the fact that the folks at Tucker’s Farm Family Diner play the Three Stooges on the TV every Sunday morning at 9AM.
Nicole, daughter of the the owners explained that to date no one has won the Three Stooge Challenge which consists of three pancakes with three dropped eggs in the middle, bacon, toast and homefries.  If it is eaten in entirety- a plaque withe the contestant’s name who finishes it off will be erected in that person’s honor and the meal will be free.  I just know we gotta have a GMG Fan that is up to the challenge.  If we get anyone that thinks they can do it put in a comment here and we will go down next Sunday morning at 9AM when they play the Three Stooges and tape a man versus food segment featuring you trying to take it on.

One Stooge Breakfast At Tucker Farm Family Diner
One Stooge Breakfast At Tucker Farm Family Diner

Man at The Wheel Petition Can Be Downloaded And Printed Here

People from out of town who want to support the effort to put the Man at The Wheel on the Massachusetts Quarter after it had already been voted by over a 4 to 1 margin on a ballot put forth by the Governor’s office have been emailing as to how they can help.

So Kat Valentine put the petition into PDF form so anyone can click this link and print one out for themselves even if you are not around Gloucester but still want to help the cause-

Man at The Wheel Petition Can Be Downloaded And Printed  Here

Be heard.

click the petition to get your pdf version