Where Zat? WINNER!

Submitted on 2009/09/01 at 12:34pm by Stephanie Palazola!

G=Gloucester House
L=Stone Leaf
U=Halibut Point
C=Cormorant Shop
S=Black Swan
T=The Dress Code
E=Pleasant Street Tea Company
R=Sugar Magnolias

Congratulations, Stephanie! You can pick up your t-shirt down at Capt. Joe’s! How did you get these so quickly?? It took Stephanie less than 24 hours to get them all!

Gloucester Hedge

Here are the signs that Hedge photographed and then created this great contest-


A huge THANK YOU to Hedge for the time and effort he put in to making this fun for all who participated!

Hedge also offered up his prize- “You can give the winner the shirt I never picked up at Capt. Joe’s from a couple of weeks back. My penance for giving everyone sore necks from looking up at signs!”

Watta guy!

5 thoughts on “Where Zat? WINNER!

  1. I think I had T=The Dress Code, and R=Sugar Magnolias. I cruised down Main Street in Google Map to find those. Yes, I was bored. Waiting for computer water to boil so to speak.


      1. And silly me, walking around Main Street snapping pictures of signs! I did get some odd looks from a few folks watching me as they tried to figure out of what I was taking a picture.


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