Gloucester Seafood Display Auction-Hake

Pictured below is hake.  Hake is commonly used in fish cakes.  It’s a good white meat fish.

Back when we used to handle fish an old time fisherman- Leo the Flounder would hang out in the mornings and tell old waterfront stories.  He spent a good part of the last ten years of his life down the dock, sipping coffee and keeping us informed on what was happening around town.  He was a character a real waterfront character and I miss him.

Anyway, about twice a year Leo would make a big pan of (poopieties) – not the right spelling but sounds exactly the way it is spelled.  Poopieties were hake fish cakes fried up in the good Italian olive oil.

When we had a big trip of hake we would give Leo a couple of steakers (large hake) and he would fry up a batch.  The thing I loved about them and I’ll never forget was the amount of garlic he would use.  He’d try to kill you with the garlic.  We would normally be working so hard that we would pound down a ridiculous number of poopieties and then as the day went on and you were sweating you could smell it coming out your pores.

Good times-  I miss you Flounder.

2 thoughts on “Gloucester Seafood Display Auction-Hake

  1. The real old time fishermen, dory fishermen, would Corn the Hake and then serve it with New potatoes and pickeled beets.

    Fish cakes were made from cod also, sledom from Hake the meat is to loose.

    Corning Hake and you could keep it for weeks if not months.


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