Gloucester Public Schools City Wide Art Festival

Just in from Brenda Malloy-
“Could you do a blast for me about the up coming Gloucester Public School Art Festival, Sat., May 9, all day downtown Gloucester. See the above attachment for details.

In addition there is, like I mentioned above, artwork plastered all over Main St (or will be by mid afternoon today).

Perhaps you’d like to do a few shots of that. We art starting at Sage Florist down near Dunkin Donuts and will be in almost every business window down to Virgilio’s. Bank Gloucester is going to get covered head to toe in the parking lot lobby entrance as well as Main St and Pleasant St. corner windows.  Vernon Martin Real Estate down near Dunkin Donuts will have a ton of work in their windows as well.

We are looking for as much coverage as we can get, really trying to get the whole community involved, not just the students parents and families, any help would be appreciated.”

Cast List for “In Harm’s Way”



MAY 8, 2009    7:00pm

Communities Join Together To End Domestic Violence

In Harm’s Way is a dramatic presentation about domestic violence, featuring true stories of courage and healing. Using performance art to educate, empower and heal, In Harm’s Way expresses the pain and isolation experienced by victims of domestic abuse, and celebrates the strength and resilience of survivors.

The cast of In Harm’s Way is divided evenly among youth and adults. There are up to 50 cast members on the stage at one time. The adult cast is drawn from high-profile members of the community (cast list available upon request). Because the play is a dramatic reading, with script in hand for the final performance, rehearsal time is minimal. Cast members attend two readings, receive a script, and then return for the final dress rehearsal and performance. Without exception, everyone who has participated in In Harm’s Way has asked to be involved again.

Cast List

1. Adrian Davis Student, Gloucester High School (GHS)

2. Alea Capello Student, GHS

3. Alex Bigger-Allen Student, GHS

4. Amy Kamm Student Assistance Counselor, GHS

5. Ann-Margaret Ferrante MA State Representative

6. Barbara Keon Singer/Songwriter

7. Bill Goodwin Principal, GHS

8. Bob Gillis Cape Ann Savings Bank

9. Britanny Peterson Student, GHS

10. Bruce Tarr MA State Senator

11. Carol Hong Community Member, Midwife

12. Carolyn Kirk Mayor, City of Gloucester

13. Carolyn Marletta Dean of Students, GHS

14. Carrie Kimball-Monahan Essex County DA’s Office

15. Clara Gaudette HAWC

16. Ellie Cornavaca Student, GHS

17. Hannah Morris Student, GHS

18. Hayden Wilson Student, GHS

19. Jack Vondras Public Health Dept, Gloucester

20. Jessica Maletti Student, GHS

21. Jim Schoel Teacher, GHS

22. Joan Whitney Director, Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Gloucester Health Dept

23. Joe Aiello Lieutenant, Gloucester Police Dept

24. Julie LaFontaine Cape Ann Food Pantry

25. Julie McGuire Salem State College

26. Kyle Lucido Student, GHS

27. Lauren Riley Compass Program

28. Lisa Landy Singer/Songwriter

29. Loretta Peres Community Activist

30. Margo Casey North Shore United Way

31. Mark Bedrosian Asst. Principal, GHS

32. Mike Duda First Church of Wenham

33. Mitch Cohen Therapist

34. Mollie Wagner Student, GHS

35. Naomi Nimon Student, GHS

36. Nicole Jewell Student, Compass Program

37. Pat Barry Student Supervisor, GHS

38. Patrice Kelly Student, GHS

40. Paula Lee Teacher, O’Maley Middle School

41. Rebecca Bacon Student, GHS

35. Rick Doucette Cape Ann YMCA

36. Rosa Binda HAWC

37. Ruth Deleon Student, Compass Program

38. Sara Pardo Student, GHS

39. Sefatia Romeo Theken Community Liaison, Addison Gilbert Hospital Gloucester City Council

40. Sophi Hopkins Teacher, GHS

41. Stacy Randell Wellspring House

42. Sunny Robinson Co-Chair, Gloucester Coalition for the Prevention of

Domestic Abuse

43. Tasia Kendall Student, GHS

44. Tom Martin Student, GHS

45. Virginia Flister Student, GHS

46. Willy Greenbaum GMADA

47. Willie Loco Alexander Rock & Roll Musician

Seaport Grill Al Fresco Dining

I knew there were all these doors in the front of the building.  What I didn’t know was that they folded away accordion style for an al fresco dining experience overlooking Gloucester Harbor and the working waterfront.  The place has been packed.  I wish the restaurants downtown could do this like they do on Newbury Street at Sonsie.  The closest thing we get are The Block Parties at which we get to see everyone at the tables outside enjoying food and wine in the nice weather.

Seaport Grill Al Fresco Dining, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobstering On The Stanley Thomas

Here’s Mark Ring aboard The Stanley Thomas.  He is setting up the lobster trawls to set.  Lobstering lesson video at 7:00AM with Mark and Matt Ring