REMINDER-Charles A. Lowe Photos: Gloucester 1975

You have to see this!!

On exhibition through May 31, 2009

****Admission to the Cape Ann Museum will be free to all Cape Ann residents
every Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for the duration of the Charles A. Lowe exhibition.

Charles A. Lowe Photos: Gloucester 1975

Charlie Lowe was a deceptively great artist possessed unconsciously,
with an extraordinary ability to universalize what he saw in life.  It was
given to him, through his eyes to open ours. His wondrous images guide
us to the perception of something around us, in others, in ourselves,
that was truthful, essential, natural, optimistic I think, poignantly
human, and the essence of our Gloucester.
Joe Garland, foreword essay to Lowe’s book A Portrait of Gloucester, 1983.

From the archives of the Museum, a selection of Gloucester photos from the year 1975 by Charles A. Lowe, photographer for the Gloucester Daily Times from 1957 -1981.
The exhibition is organized by former editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, Peter Watson, and Fred Buck, photo archivist for the Museum.

**An 80 page exhibition catalogue will accompany the exhibition.
It is for sale through the Museum Shop for $25.00.

Copies of photographs from the Charles A. Lowe Archives are also available for purchase. Call the Museum’s Library/Archives for more information,
(978) 283-0455, ext. 19.

Menage Gallery Striper Video

Y’all know how I feel about Fish Art hung on locals walls-  It should be indigenous to these waters.

Well the Mrs saw this striper in the window at Menage Gallery and asked me if I thought they would let me take it home to see if it would work in the spot she had in mind for it.

So yesterday I rolled on in to the Menage Gallery and asked “Goody” if it was possible.

Spring Clean Up With The One Hour At A Time Gang


One Hour at a Time Gang Notice

Saturday May 2, 2009

Time:                         8:00 am

Where:                     Good Harbor Beach

From the little bridge side so we also can clean up the street

I will bring bags.

Thanks all

Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible and thank you.

Donna Ardizzoni

Business Manager

Circle Consulting Group

PO Box 5506

Gloucester, MA 01930



Menage Gallery Striper

I took these two carved wooden stripers home from the Menage Gallery to see if they would work in the house.  The Mrs loves them and actually found about 4 or five different spots that she wanted to place them.  I say that’s a little overkill so we may settle on just getting two.  One for the kitchen and one for the deck.  Pictured is “Goody” who was working yesterday when I picked these two up.  Video at 2PM

Menage Gallery Striper, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Willie Alexander Bass Rocks Video From The Early Eighties

Back in the eighties I heard this song on WBCN once, just once.  I loved it but never found out who sang it and always wanted to find out.

Fast forward 20 plus years and I’m at the library thumbing through the cd collection and lo and behold I run across Willie Alexander’s “The East Main Street Suite” cd and the third song is “Bass Rocks

I had an idea for making a video of Back Shore photos put to Willie’s song and asked his permission which he kindly granted.

But in Willie’s email he asked which version I had, “The East Main Street Suite” version or “the earlier version“?

Intrigued, I checked youtube for “the earlier version”

That’s when I found the following video and decided to scrap my project in favor of Willie’s early eighties music video-

Check out Willie’s website by clicking this text

You can even check out Willie’s wikipedia page by clicking this text

Did you know that Gloucester resident and bad ass Willie Alexander was a part of The Velvet Underground?

BTW Willie if you read this, I think you look like you are in way better shape now than you were back in the early eighties.