Gloucester Zen XXIII Video

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary- Just A Slice Of Time On Gloucester Harbor

I’m thinking LobsterLady will love this one.

[ ?posts_id=2048499&dest=-1]


  • Jay-SUS! Get some WD-40, will you?

    Love these….


  • You’re right Joey. It was good. I never told you. Seeing the Tully IV reminds me. There is one picture of The Tully IV and Dog & I at the dock during the winter. The lights are reflecting off the water from the buildings on Jodrey. I think that has to be the most beautiful picture you have ever taken. You’ve got a lot of good lobsterboat pictures like the Stanley Thomas and others, but the winter one is breathtaking. Thanks. Elaine Marie


  • Oh hell, see, I knew I’d forget. By the way, Kathleen is right. I’ve got some WD-40 if you would like to borrow some. Oh you have some. Do you want me to show you how to use it. Only kidding Joey. Have a good one.


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