This Has To Be Some Cruel Joke!

Moving the bus stop so it takes up critical parking in front of The Lone Gull?   You’re kidding right?   This has got to be some cruel joke.  ARGHHHHHHH!

Because for the fucking life of me I gotta believe that no rational human being would take away parking in front of one of the hub storefronts that bring people downtown on a daily basis- namely The Lone Gull.  Will someone tell the people responsible for this travesty- this sham- this shamockery- that they are getting in the way of my coffee consumption and that’s never a good idea?

C’mon, seriously.  April Fools Day was three weeks ago.  Enough with the funny stuff.

Was it not possible to move this bus stop in front of the VACANT former EMPIRE BUILDING or some other location that doesn’t rely on people coming and going quickly?????  There must be a reason for it but at the moment all I can think of is the literally thousands of people that regularly flock to The Lone Gull as a meeting point and energy hub of Downtown.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make things even more puzzling, I just spoke with my buddy who owns Passports, the restaurant in front of which the bus stop was moved from.  You figure he might be ecstatic about the move, right?  He tells me he has never complained about the bus stop being in front of his place, was totally used to it, and figured it made sense where it was because there was good visibility and benches right there.

Genius!!!!!!!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

8 thoughts on “This Has To Be Some Cruel Joke!

  1. Good thing you bought that Bodum French Press. Seems like it’ll be getting much more use now that you can’t park at the Lone Gull!

    It does seem that the bus change makes no sense. Unless, CATA has started a new coffee route picking people up and dropping them off in front of all the coffee spots.Hmmm. They already had one right beside the Dunkins, now they put in a stop in front of the Lone Gull. Has anyone checked in front of Pleasant Street Tea recently?


  2. Just for the record. We at Passports have never complained about the bus being in front of the restaurant. Its just part of the street. However this morning two CATA buses were picking up folks and with cars parked in the old bus station, and cars and trucks trying to get by at the same time it didn’t look to be a seamless transition. I also noticed a ticket on a car in front of the Lone Gull, which has had parking forever. Hopefully it will work itself out with time.


  3. Ok, What is up? I needed my morning coffee,knowing that I would not get a parking spot on “MAIN ST.” I called in my coffee order to the Lone Gull , so I could drop off my daughter and circle around and around,untill she came out with my iced coffee, On my 2nd cirle around the funniest think happend ,right in front of me. The 2 parking space “NOW” zoned for CATA! in front of the Lone Gull were empty, and a “CATA bus directly infont of me drove right past this “New” and “Improved”, “CATA BUS ZONE”,and with out even a tap on the breaks, or an even a slight yeild or stop…..continued on down Main ST. and stoped at the “OLD CATA” bus stop in front of Passports and picked up passangers who were comfortable seated on the bench.
    WHAT is going on!! Clearly the drivers, and passangers have not been notified of this change and seem to be very comfortable with the “OLD STOP”. Why do we now have 2 bus stops? and meter parking with meters that clock time incorrectly. Oh and by the way, on my 4th circle around,b/c the Lone Gull ‘s line was nearly out the door, 1 truck and 1 car did pull into the “NEW CATA BUS” stop and parked their cars, and ran into Yes ,the “Lone Gull ” to grab a Coffee!


  4. It appears the line of communication has been lost. Folks should be made also that the Massachusettts law by an act supported by govenor Patric has made it against the law to park in a Cata bus stop. Along with that goes a $100.00 fine. I believe this is forthe first offence. It is also unlawful to park in a drop off or pick up spot of MBTA property access. This is also a $100.00fine. This was announced on the intercom system of Cata buses several weeks ago. but there has been no formal announcment in writing to Taxi companies, nor its drivers.


  5. About time they cracked down on parking in bus stops. It is quite irritating at the depot particularly when cars stop in the bus stop and the bus then stops in the middle of the street. The taxis are the greatest offenders there, just sitting in the bus stop, not dropping off or picking up.


  6. Hedge, don’t say that. They’ll be putting one there…. LOL… Well Joey, there’s only one thing to do. Cut the dam sign down in the middle of the night. Only thing is they’ll only put another one up.


  7. Damon I concure with you, however you will notice that I try to park the cab in the taxi area. The only time you may see my cab at the bus area is on Sunday when the buses are not running. In all fairness we too are loosing our taxi parking area to people parking in that spot. Now with the Police chief retiring , Fire Chief leaving , and the possibility that the City Clerk will soon be retiring leaves our city without any overseeing of taxi ordinances. As far as taxi drivers parking at the bus stop I would advise those so inclined to call the owners of those companies, making sure to take down the plate, and number of the cab , with the full description of the driver . In this new law it is the driver that pays first , not the owner.


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