What Up Homie?

What Up Homie?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

7 thoughts on “What Up Homie?

    1. It’s never good when you need to explain the joke so I guess I get a “fail” for tonights What up homie

      You see the first homie is teaching the other homie The Electric Slide.


  1. I got it Joey, only I thought he was teaching
    Square Dancing. Is it me or do the Sea Gulls
    appear to be extra white this year, even on the


  2. Which is what……some kind of whitefish? Maybe
    it’s that there is no summer junk in the waters yet,
    have you noticed how clear it is right now? I wonder how long that will last. In the summer, I
    find a trash bag full of litter from recreation boats
    on my beach each day. Enjoy the clean while it


    1. A lot of the reason for how clear the water is the water temperature and winds. When the water warms up it spurs algae growth. Also certain winds bring lots of new clear ocean water as opposed to stagnant water in.

      A week or so ago I saw the furthest out into the harbor bottom from my dock than ever, the water was so clear.


  3. No Joey, you do not get a fail. It was awesome. I know gulls can be a nuisance at the docks when the boats come in and once I saw I don’t know how many gulls above one of the boats leaving but I love the little guys. That’s one of the features I can’t wait to see each day on GMG. Thanks.


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