2009 Schedule of Events – Dory Races


2009 Schedule of Events

March 6th Winter Races 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
April 18th Dory Prep Day 8:00 am Eastern Ave
April 25th Dory Launch Day 8:00 am “ “
May 2 & 3 Adventure Open House Cruiseport Terminal
May 9th Essex River Race 9:00 am Essex
June 5th Elimination Registration 6:00 pm St. Peters Square
June 6th Elimination Races 8:30 am Niles Beach
June 8th Final Elimination (if needed) 6:00 pm Niles Beach
June 18th International Reception 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
June 20th International Races 8:30 a.m. State Fish Pier
June 20th Awards Banquet 1:00 pm Heritage Center
July 18th Blackburn Challenge 7:30 am Annisquam River
August 8th Oarmasters Challenge—Solo Race
August ?? Eliminations
September 22nd International Races — Lunenberg NS

For more information- check here.

The Proposal Trailer and Movie Set Transformation

The Proposal a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds which was shot in various locations around Cape Ann last summer has a couple of trailers out-

Here are some of the pictures I took of the filming across from our dock last summer-




This is what the filming location looked like before the movie crew transformed it into a set for the movie-

Pier 7 Before Transformation for The Proposal Movie
Pier 7 Before Transformation for The Proposal Movie

This is what the same building looked like after the transformation-

The Proposal Movie Set Transformed for Shooting
The Proposal Movie Set Transformed for Shooting

Here are some of the locations that the film was shot from IMDB-

225 Franklin Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Bearskin Neck, Rockport, Massachusetts, USA
(internet cafe)

Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
Manchester, Massachusetts, USA
Myopia Hunt Club – 435 Bay Road, South Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA

Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Rockport, Massachusetts, USA

Lois Hertzler Presents Her Work At Local Colors

Lois does some fantastic macro photography and her work would compliment any shore side home.  You can see her stuff at Local Colors on Main Street.

The Silent Seed relocates to Lanesville

Greetings Friends of The Silent Seed!

You may remember that I recently relocated my business from Magnolia to the blue church on Route 127, in Lanesville. I am proud to announce the grand opening of The Silent Seed at this new, fantastic location! The “new” store is much bigger and better. Over 3,500 square feet of lush tropical rainforest, vegetables, herbs, water gardens, and perennials await your viewing and purchasing pleasure! I welcome you all to come and visit.

New hours of operation: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,12:00 to 8 pm.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, by appointment.

Current payment options include Cash, Check, or Paypal.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jude Platteborze. I own The Silent Seed, an exotic plant store. My goal is to help you discover the joy, beauty, peace, and healing that plants offer. Plants really do make a huge difference in our living spaces and surround-ings. I have a unique, extensive collection of rare and exotic plants both inside and out. As always, special orders are welcome in the event that the plant does not yet live at The Silent Seed.


There is an extensive inventory of rare and unusual evergreen trees and bushes for that special location in your yard, or for any other place on your outdoor property. Thank you to Olio Gardens for making this possible!

I have continued my connection with a supplier and grower of rare Clivias in China, and have some outstanding specimens to share.

I came across a fantastic opportunity to acquire some truly unique Desert Roses. These are a rare succulent from Africa, and form weird, unique “fattened” trunks, with beautiful pink and white flowers most of the year.

Angel Trumpet Trees (Brugmansia) are enjoying the store-length windows, and are becoming lush. These would be a great addition to an empty sunny space in your house, or outside during the warmer months. These have fantastic, huge, intensely fragrant flowers of many different colors.

Keep checking for the arrival of WATER PLANTS! Some of us have ponds, and the time is very close, to get plants for them.



The Desert Roses, and the Hellebores, are especially floriferous this year, and look beautiful! Hellebores are a very hardy perennial plant that does well in part shade, full shade, or indirect sun. In full bloom now. Don’t miss out on this rare one!


Here are some examples of the new seedlings that are ready to go, but there are hundreds not listed.

Golden Rain Tree

Hardy OrangeThese really are hardy!

Flying Dragon Hardy Orange – rare contorted version of the above!

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Chinese Parasol Tree


Morning Glories many types and colors



Pepperssweet and hot

Assorted flowering annuals


African Aloedirect from South Africa

You may remember my newsletter describing Amorphophallus konjac. These rare, unique, easy-care bulbs are about to start growing again, and yes, some are even old enough to bloom this year, or next. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!


The Silent Seed is an all-natural, green business. I believe in a non-invasive, non-chemical approach to growing plants. I use absolutely no chemicals, fertilizers, or sprays of any sort. What they do receive is plenty of water, care, and love. You will see that they flourish and thrive with this approach.

The Silent Seed, where there is a plant for everybody!

Thank you very much for reading this newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Wishes,


Jude Platteborze, Owner

The Silent Seed

984 Washington St.

Lanesville, MA 01930



Cape Ann Copper Works

Cape Ann Copper Works, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

There are many copper fish for sale at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.

Readers from the past may remember my feelings about the fish that people buy to display in their local home.

If you have an attachment to tropical fish or have sentimental feelings about a place you visited far away with exotic or tropical fish then that would be a reason to buy and display one. But if you are buying fish art for your Northeast home, thinking that any fish is local , please do just a tiny bit of research and discover what fish are caught around these waters- like cod, haddock, tuna, stripers and such.

I find it funny when folks put up a huge mahi mahi on their wall thinking they are decorating with a North East theme.

The fish in the picture is tagged as a haddock but from the spots on it I’d say it looks more like a codfish.

It is the work of Dana and Jeremy Hatch from Cape Ann Copper Works. Their workshop is just around the corner at 34 Mt Pleasant Ave in East Gloucester.

Tony Testaverde

fiestaThis weekend at the GGAPIII I will be presenting a video of a conversation that I had with Karen McCormack about her dad, Tony Testaverde. This photo is the last time he carried the statue of St. Peter (in 2007) and as Karen says, he’d still be carrying it now except his doctor said no! He’ll be home this week from Arizona kicking up his heels as usual!

Here is a video clip done by the Times about Tony right before he carried it for the 65th year. —Sharon