New Cell Phone, Camera and Car Excitement

I don’t know about you, but when I get a new cell phone or car or camera I’m incredibly excited to use it and figure out all the features on said item.  

My cell phone has been broken for 3 weeks now and it barely functions and shuts itself off without warning, basically it’s been a huge PITA.  Yesterday I bid and won a new cell phone to replace the broken one that I’ve been using on eBay.  It’s nothing fancy but a slight upgrade from the bulky nextel phone I’ve been using for the past couple of years.

The thing about getting a new toy or gadget or car that strikes me funny is how excited people get (myself included) and how we want to share this information with everyone around us.   Like when you get a new car and you drive it around to show your friends and relatives as if they really give a shit about it.

No one cares  except the person who gets the new item.  People might pretend to care to try to be nice, but they really don’t.  I have to remind myself of that little fact when I reiterate the story for the 20th time to the Mrs about the bidding process on eBay that won me the cell phone or showing her any new features it might have.

Here’s my  pretty basic new cell phone that I shouldn’t be posting because no one really cares, (I can’t resist)

New Restaurant Coming To The West End

The West End will be hosting another restaurant, The West End Grille.  I’ll be looking to get an interview for you soon.   I gotta think that this is a tough time to open a new restaurant.  It will be interesting to see what the proprietors will do to carve out it’s own niche with the bevy of fantastic grille type restaurants already located in the area.  Looking forward to that interview.

GMG Preview- Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Gortons Seafood Exhibit

GMG takes you into the soon to be opened Gorton’s Seafood Exhibit Hall in the newly built expansion at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center. Once again, who gets you there first? You know it baby!!!!!!!  When you want the inside scoop  every single morning and on the hour for first peek insider Gloucester pictures, videos and scoop this is your spot.  RIGHT  FREAKING HERE!!!!!!

 Click The picture to view the video-

Old Fog Horn At The Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery In The New Wing At The G

I’ve only been back from Naples for two days and what do I do? Hit the ground running getting you new insider peeks at stuff that isn’t even open to the public yet. The new exhibit upstairs in the new building at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is getting ready for it’s opening in just a few weeks but we get you inside first with a couple of videos and some pictures to whet your appetite. (look for the first video at 8:00AM today)

For more information about The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center click this text fr the website

There is a ton of must see stuff if you are a fan of Gloucester Fishing History in the new exhibit.