Word Scramble!

Unscramble the words below:

1. rruaqy________________

2. antiger________________

3. bmcukaph________________

4. aeahhctlww________________

5. cousopt________________

6. trysoe________________

7. rruncte________________

8. peaeahorrgonc________________

9. ctalniat________________

10. lknotanp________________

One thought on “Word Scramble!

  1. Good ones! A couple of very hard ones in there!

    1. quarry
    2. granite
    3. humpback
    4. whale watch ***took me the longest
    5. octopus
    6. oyster
    7. current
    8. oceanographer ***2nd to last one
    9. Atlantic
    10. plankton

    I hope someone else had a chance to play!


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