South Naples Citrus Grove

Always Loving To See Old School Industry In Action I Pay A Visit To Watch The Sorter And Waxer Do It’s Thing At The South Naples Citrus Grove

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Robert Hanlon Painting

Robert Hanlon puts many of his paintings on wood and uses the textures and natural colors of the wood in the paintings.   Here is one of many fine pieces by Robert At Walker Creek Furniture.  You can see more from his collection by clicking this text

Robert Hanlon Painting, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


The Dog and I

Lobstermen are starting to gear up for the coming season.  They go through the rope and take out knots.  They clean and repair the traps.  They paint buoys.   It’s coming.  As the water warms the lobsters will be on the move and our lobstermen will be ready to catch em.

The Dog and I, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Schooner Adventure Sails Into Gloucester 1988 From Ron Gilson’s Collection

While at Ron Gilson’s house I saw this poster sized picture of The Adventure coming into Gloucester Harbor under sail in 1988.  What is interesting about the picture is that if you look at City Hall in 1988 it was surrounded by scaffolding under a reconstruction.  Some twenty years later it was surrounded by scaffolding once again.

Look for the first of a three part video series from Ron Gilson’s house satrting todat at 8:00AM

Schooner Adventure Sails Into Gloucester 1988 From Ron Gilson’s Collection, originally uploaded by captjoe06.