Antique Pine Table From Walker Creek Furniture In Essex, Ma

At Walker Creek Furniture, the team creates unique or custom tables and furniture using wood that comes from old houses, floorboards and other places.  Each piece has it’s own history and beauty.  The thing that is really cool is that you can go in there for inspiration, see something you like and then tell them that you like it but might want a different finish, size or dimension and they can custom build it to the specs that fit the needs of your particular room.  Video number one from Walker Creek comes tomorrow morning at 10:00AM

Antique Pine Table From Walker Creek Furniture In essex, Ma, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Good Harbor Surfing Gallery

A little interactive slideshow of some folks surfing at Good Harbor Beach. I wanted to try this new way of displaying  photos but don’t know if I am sold on this software. I would love to hear comments good or bad about this type of presentation on GMG. Thumbs up or down, let me know.

Rudder Reconstruction Update 3/30/09

They saved the original floor.  There was a layer of flooring that was put right down over the original floor.  It is being restored to the original floor which is estimated to be over 100 years old.  Throughought the project care was taken to try to save as much of the original elments from the building.

Rudder Reconstruction Update 3/30/09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Rudder Reconstruction Original Windows

These are the original windows.  It would have been much easier and less costly to use new windows. The owners commitment to saving as much as possible of this building throughout the rebuild is commendable.


Word Scramble

Unscramble the Gloucester words below:

1. dkycrdo________________

2. knweiepirl________________

3. wnhci________________

4. eswnvdrooa________________

5. aelcrkma________________

6. lcasoslp________________

7. slhosa________________

8. ndalis________________

9. godtwon________________

10. esorhfof________________

Movie – “Idiots And Angels”



In gonzo animator Bill Plympton’s latest film, Angel is a selfish, abusive, morally bankrupt man who hangs out as his local bar, berating the other patrons. One day, Angel mysteriously wakes up with a pair of wings on his back. The wings make him do good deeds, contrary to his nature. He desperately tries to rid himself of the good wings, but eventually finds himself fighting those who view the wings as their ticket to fame and fortune. Featuring music by Tom Waits.

Part of our “Animation Sensation” week of animated films.

“Bill Plympton never knows when to stop. Thank God! Just as I’m asking myself, “How much longer can he maintain this dark and outrageously beautiful tale?”, he turns it upside down and inside out and I find myself peering around a corner into a transcendent new world that is gleefully determined to trap me in it’s loopy spell. How can he be so poetic, funny, and cruel at the same moment? Where does he buy his drugs?” -Terry Gilliam

“The darkness of Bill Plympton’s vision is once again perfectly balanced with the searing illumination of his fantastic imagination (there’s even a brief point-of-view of an ashtray!) ‘Idiots and Angels’ may be his best film yet!” -Jim Jarmusch

“Bill Plympton’s ‘Idiots and Angels’ is a funny, dark and touching piece of film. His clever and inventive use of the pen nearly made me give up using a camera. I love dark characters redeeming themselves. On top of that are the sounds and the soundtrack. How much good stuff can you put into one film?” -Anton Corbijn

“Good battles evil as a gun-running, booze-swilling, cigarette-puffing badass is dragged, kicking and screaming, toward salvation in Bill Plympton’s slyly sardonic black comedy, his best animated feature to date.” -Variety

“The kinetic ‘Idiots’ is both a delightful comic adventure and an effecting tale about spiritual transformation.” -The Daily Princetonian

“This is an unforgettably lyrical film that has a great undertone of dark amusement. Another winner for Bill Plympton.” -Rotten Tomatoes

“Like the best of Plympton’s distinctive oeuvre, Idiots and Angels bounces merrily along from the profane to the sublime, with a parade of arresting images that have a way of sticking with you for days.” -The Gothamist

Where Zat? Winner!

where-zat-18There was only one person who got the right location of this week’s photo. If I didn’t know where it was, I would have guessed Stage Fort going out to the cannons. But in reality it wasn’t there or Half Moon Beach. It’s at the beginning of Eastern Point Boulevard, just as you go through the pillars off to the left leading up to the gazebo.

Congratulations, Mung! And Hedge, it does look like that photo on your blog!

Thanks for playing!

Fisherman’s Wharf, 1980 Gloucester Ma Pic from Frank Ciolino

This is the original Fisherman’s Wharf building on Rogers Street and Harbor Cove before the fire destroyed it.  Check back next hour for the picture of what it looks like today.