Downtown Construction- Foundation Poured

The Foundation has been poured.  Framing should begin soon.  Anyone know what the plans are for the space of the former Grey’s Hardware store?


Rudder Reconstruction Update 3/30/09

Anyone that has been reading the blog for a while knows about my fascination with construction projects around town.  I’ve been keeping up with the Rudder reonstruction on Rocky Neck this past winter but FINALLY I got to go inside to tape some video for YOU, my loyal readers!  Sweet!  Who brings you inside like your boy Joey?  Nobody!

Anywho, hee is a pic of the chef of many years, the infamous Wheels who had been at Dogbar all winter but will resume his duties at The Rudder come opening day.

Look for the video tour of the guts of this favorite summer haunt of many Gloucester resident and tourists alike tomorrow morning at 10:00AM.


Charles A. Lowe Photos: Gloucester 1975

Joey P's uncle Fred Frontiero(right) and unle Pat in the FBI building. Unclle Fred kicked Joey off this couch by saying that Joey hadn't earned the right to lounge on it since he had just started working there.
Joey P's uncle Fred Frontiero(right) and uncle Pat in the FBI building. Uncle Fred kicked Joey off this couch by saying that Joey hadn't earned the right to lounge on it since he had just started working there.

Yesterday I went to the Cape Ann Museum to see the Charlie Lowe (no relation that I can tell) photo exhibit. If you were around in the 60’s and 70’s and were old enough to read the newspaper, you will love this exhibit. Not only are the prints technically superb, but the who, what, where is incredible.

I remember so many of the photos from when were printed in the paper, and others brought back memories of 34 years ago before our lives went into overdrive. I bumped into Joey Palmisano and his sister Kathy who grew up in the Fort. What memories they had! They could identify many more people than I could. It was great hanging out with them, and each of us adding our bits of memories – mine of Magnolia and theirs of their Italian heritage and growing up in the Fort.

In the photos, I noticed that cigars, cigarettes and pipes were prominent in many of the photos, and without looking at smoking as a negative, it added to the scene and mood where the viewer could almost read the mind of the person.

One photo of a squirrel sitting on a fireman’s shoulders made me almost cry. My dad, who was a fireman in West Gloucester at the time, was one of the guys who adopted the squirrel and made him a firehouse mascot. Man, I miss my dad.

Joey’s graduating class photo was taken aboard the Judith Lee Rose. That photo was there. Kathy pointed out classmates, relatives, and friends. For me it was Doc Vieria in the huge mirror at the drugstore in Magnolia where we all hung out as teens.

It was those memories that this exhibit brings out. More than a pretty picture, these photos pull you in and you feel so Gloucester. Everyone should see this. It was different time, a different life, but so much our home.

Sugar Magnolia Crab Cakes Bene Rocks!

This is one of my favorite breakfast meals in town.  We are spoiled with  great breakfast joints but the Crab Cake Bene at Sugar Mags and The West Indian Hash at Sailor Stans send me into breakfast orgasm mode.   I add a little tobasco to both to spice them up a bit.

Sugar Magnolia Crab Cakes Bene Rocks!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.