Lobster Eating Tip From Mark Ring

Here’s a tip for you that Mark Ring shared with me.

After you steam your lobster snip the tips off the claws with some sturdy kitchen shears and drain the water out over the sink.  It will make the eating and clean up after dinner a snap and saves a mess.

Lobster Tip, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cape Ann Community Cinema Schedule For 10/28-10/29

Cape Ann Community Cinema, originally uploaded by captjoe06.




The New York Times (July ’95) described Simon Geller, the reclusive and last standing single-handed radio operator in the country, as a gruff mannered crotchety man who often expressed his dislike of Gloucester and its citizens. The Boston Globe’s John Koch called director Henry Ferrini’s “Radio FishTown” “a piece of poetic silver – a shimmering film impression of the odd Gloucester broadcaster who eventually fled the town that loved and endured his peculiar presence.” “Radio Fishtown” whisks the viewer up for a brisk half hour bushwhack from Gloucester, Massachusetts to New York City. Ferrini and his Total Assault TV crew track Geller from the rubble of his studio dungeon and his 56 cents-an-hour job as CEO of WVCA, to his Manhattan penthouse. Shown with Anne Rearick’s “My Pal Skeets,” the Riaf-penned short film which profiles Somerville’s Skeets Scioli, one of the oldest living participants in the sport of boxing during the past century.




A “fan film” is a fan-produced tribute to a favorite film, and in that commercial gain from such films is prohibited by law, some say it is filmmaking at its purest – “for the love of the thing.” Fan films range from short and comic, like Kevin Rubio’s “Star Wars” themed “Cops” parody “Troops” to the fantastic shared universe short “Batman: Dead End” to feature-length remakes like the legendary “Raiders: The Adaptation” (in which three kids from Mississippi spent nearly seven years making their own version of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”).

Join us as we welcome author Clive Young as he presents a selection of hand-picked fan films and discusses his new book, “Homemade Hollywood,” which focuses on the surprisingly long history of this genre.

Sara Elizabeth Shop at Whistlestop Mall Rockport

All of these prints were made using the Acorn Press.   For more of the history of The Acorn Press, and The Folly Cove Designers click this highlighted text.   Interview with Isabel Natti due at 9:00AM

Acorn Press At Sara Elizabeth Shop

Here is the Acorn Press still used today at the Sara Elizabeth Shop at The Whistlestop Mall in Rockport.  Part one of my interview with Isabel Natti who maintains this tradition will run today at 9:00AM.