Espresso’s Block Party Window Display

Saturday is going to be so much fun.  Come on down to Main Street for the incredible amount of free activity and entertainment at the Block Party.  Please stop by my pick up truck where we will be displaying teh slide show and media presentations to say hey!

For performance schedules you can click this text to go to

Lazy Daizy Restoration Project Update 10/9/08

Well folks, it’s been a long while since we’ve updated you on the Lazy Daizy Restoration Project.  It looks like things have gone from bad to worse as now the wheelhouse is off and she is completely exposed to the elements.

What a disaster.

Let this be a lesson for you folks.  Don’t do what this guy did.  Buy something that can either be easily maintained, or a boat that has already been restored to a reasonable condition.

Later in the day- The Lazy Daizy Restoration Project Slide Show.

GMG Tree Project A Go Today! Anyone Wanna Lend A Hand?

If anyone would like to help with the planting and bed creation, the boys should be digging around 2:30PM.

I could also use someone with a digital camera that can capture some pictures.

I spoke with Aaron Burke and Doug Cook and between the donated excavating equipment from Jay Ramsey at Farm Creek Landscaping, labor and equipment from Grimes Landscape and Hydroseeding, the design work and tree donation from Doug Cook at, Corliss Wholesale donating plant material along with all of your donations we will be planting today!

Please keepin mind these civic minded folks that are all donating their time and energy to make Gloucester a better place the next time you have a landscaping project you would like done.

Doug Cook  978-281-2005

Grimes Landscape and Hydroseed 978-768-7190

Corliss Wholesale 978- 356-3560

Farm Creek Landscaping 978-768-7725

Aaron Burke

Doug Cook Surveys Tree Project Site

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