Yep, It’s Fall

Looking for an activity for a three year old with boundless energy?  Set up a nice chair in the back yard and make some hot cocoa.  Next give said three year old a cup and tell them you will give them a penny for every acorn they can collect.
Sit back, enjoy the cocoa and watch em scurry around.

Yep, It’s Fall, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Beautiful Industry- Western Venture Shackles and Pins

Here are the shackles and pins that connect the Western Venture’s groundlines to its net. YOu think this equipment has done some work?

Western Venture Net Loading, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Apples From Russell Orchards

Have you picked apples this year?

I don’t know what happened to supermarket apples, but they don’t have one tenth of the flavor as the one’s that you pick at the orchards.  The Mrs hasn’t made apple crisp yet, but I’m craving it- with some vanilla bean ice cream!

Apples From Russell Orchards, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cape Ann Food Pantry At The Block Party

If y’all think of it we will have a truck from Cape Ann Food Pantry up by CVS looking for dry and canned goods to feed needy families. Barbara Koen told me just the other day that the most selfish thing you can do for yourself is to give to others because you get so much more back in good juju.  Let’s all pitch in and help feed some folks that could use the help this winter.

Here is a link to Cape Ann Food Pantry

Here is a link to specic things they could use

Andiamos- Fusilli Alla Vodka With The Shrimp

Normally I regret asking a waitress at a restaurant “What’s good?”

It can make for a slightly uncomfortable situation if they rave about a certain dish and you steer clear of it as if their recommendation is somehow not worthy.

I uttered those words and as they left my lips I was thinking to myself “why do you do that Joey?”  Anyway in this particular instance the girl behind the counter at Andiamos suggested the Fusilli alla Vodka and it sounded good so I went with it.  I don’t know the girl’s name behind the counter, but THANK YOU!

It was OUTSTANDING!  I brought it home and the Mrs who is not a pasta person (don’t ask) tried it and started wolfing it down.  She couldn’t get enough.

Andiamos is starting to become a regular stop for me for great food (not just good) at very reasonable prices.

Andiamos Shrimp A La Vodka, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Now This Is Not What I Had In Mind

A couple days ago, I got an email from seARTS detailing some of the information for the upcoming Partner With An Artist presentations around town this week.  It needed a little work and as I know Kathleen Valentine often works with seARTS I contacted her and told her if she whipped something up as far as a decent press release for the Events, that I would link to it.

Well she did, and it’s more than a little embarassing- click for Kathy’s Partner With An Artist Post


Chickity Check It- Hye Tyde

Hye Tyde is the blog from  John Hintlian which mostly chronicles his surfing journal but if you look below the surface of all the surfing pictures and surf pictures, his photography is spectacular and he bring a fresh new perspective to your standard photo/journal blog.

John is very creative with his photography and I enjoy perusing his flickr album as much if not more than Hye Tyde.  Check out his flickr album and see for yourself.

DJ Extraodinaire Rory Will Be Spinning On The Wheels Of Steel

Rory is an Irishman who spent his youth spinning tunes in Dublin.   He is a complete maniac with  incredible musical sensibilities.  Rory will be manning the wheels of steel for the Autumn Block Party and he promises a free wonderfull music experience in front of The Dress Code.  Make sure to make your way up to that end of town the night of October 11th to get your groove on.

Tomorrow at 8:00AM my interview with Rory will be available right here at GMG.