Coyote at Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 7/5/08

I was fumbling with my camera as I figured the coyote would take off and there would be very little time to take the picture. He did take off, and circled back to the footbridge where I snapped a lousy shot with the terrible light and the coyote moving around. Heart racing a bit making it difficult to hold the camera steady for the long exposure shot. I did my best though and this is what I came up with-

5 thoughts on “Coyote at Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 7/5/08


    I see that you find the wold coyote on good harbor interesting, but can we discuss a more impressive animal that only to my knowledge lives and lurks in the dark and seedy alleys of down town gloucester?? Its an animal I like to cal the BUM OF THE YEAR.. and here is why..

    When coyotes hold their annual convention they will not even give an honorable mention to the coyote on the beach..serioulsy BIG F*&%$# deal..

    But the “bum of the year” is Gloucester’s own, and in my opinion there should be a statue errected..

    Where else in America can a bum wander around , sit in his own shit, walk the beat every day in dirty pants and a funky ass sweater looking ofr something to eat ,only ,only to find a horny 15 year old female ready to proposition him for not only sex, but sex for money..thats right reported on CNN this bum was paid to have sex …That my friends is why Gloucester should be very proud of their own Marster..

    We have a rolling rally everytine the patriots, celtics, or redsox win a championship. I feel it is unthinkable to let this go ignored..

    So I will give this bum a he will no longer remain nameless to the people of gloucester, and he will no longer go unhearalded. I nominate July 6th as Bruce the Bum day..

    Whos with me???


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