Don Lodge-Lobstermen Truck Series

Donny poses with his brand new titanium Dodge Heavy Duty Pickup truck.

Donny is a teacher and administrator at the Calvary Chapel Baptist Church. He teaches 7th and 8th grade. After Donny is done with his responsibilities at the Church, he goes lobstering.

If you would have seen Donny’s old truck you would know what a huge step up this brand new baby is. His old truck was costing him as much in monthly repairs as the payments on this beautiful new Dodge.

Donny’s lobsterboat is named the Le La Lo Da. He came up with the name after the phonetically sounding out the first syllable of his kid’s names. Lisa, Laura, Donna, and David.

Congrats on the new truck Donny. If anyone deserves it, it’s you.

Don Lodge -Lobstermen Truck Series

Notice Don has a spray in bed liner for his brand new Dodge. It is a $400 option and it is what we put on our trucks.

It isn’t the same type of spray in liner like the ones they used to put in trucks. the rhino spray in liners are more rubbery and tended to fade over time.

The newer spray in liners harden and won’t tear like the older rubbery ones.

Good Choice Don