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Saturday morning at 8:30 am, an injured Eastern Coyote was spotted In East Gloucester. The coyote was not bearing weight on its right back leg. He trotted gimpily up Plum Street, before heading down a driveway halfway up the street.

Note in all the photos the Coyote is holding up his right side back paw.

Sick and injured coyotes can be unpredictable although, this one appeared nonchalant. I at first thought it was a large dog and was headed towards him to possibly help him find his way home. Despite its inability to put weight on its paw, his coat looks healthy and and he was almost jaunty, leg injury and all.

Cribbage Tournament

Cape Ann Community

Manchester-Essex Rotary Club Presents

Cribbage Night

Thursday, November 29 at 7 Central Restaurant

7pm sign in & practice play, 7:30pm start.

$20 to play, cash prizes, friendly game,
no elimination,
winners based on total points earned

To benefit the Manchester-Essex Rotary Club


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UPDATE: ONLY 12 CALENDARS LEFT! There will not be any more once they’re sold out!



2019 GMG Calendar

My favorite local images in a 12 month CD case calendar. Perfect for holiday gifts and easy to ship. If you order 5 I will automatically add a 6th calendar to your order. Be sure to select local pick up if you are picking it up. If you are having it shipped PLEASE be sure to select the shipping option.


Hope you enjoy.  I selected the most popular photos from the past year and created the third year of a calendar.  It’s become a nice tradition and people start asking me when they’ll be produced around October every year.

These are nice presents for teachers, friends, Yankee swap items and stocking stuffers to give to any Gloucester lover in your life. Thanks for your support, proceeds help pay for the hosting of the blog.

Here are the months-


Dinner At Feather and Wedge Was Outstanding


Wifey who normally is pretty reserved when reaching across the table could not get enough of her dinner and mine.  There were so many “OMG this is amazing” comments after every bite that I lost count.

The room, the service the food taste and presentation- all on point.  We’re big fans.

The Calm Before The Storm

As I drove my favorite “drive-around” route, I was thinking about the imminent Thursday night storm. Although I was pretty sure this weather event wasn’t going to rise to my definition of STORM for Gloucester, I did take note that everything looked calmly prepared for whatever the immediate future held. By the time you read this, we’ll all know the outcome!


The Condo Conundrum

Cape Ann Home

shack small.jpg
Since you might be looking (or know someone that’s looking), you should be aware of the fact that there are twice as many condos for sale in Gloucester today as there were last year.
That’s the subject of this week’s MarketWatch. Click here to watch.
FYI here are some of the “luxury” units available now:
  • 78 Thatcher Road – 6 units – $1.1M+
  • 74 Thatcher Road – 6 – 8 units – $1M+
  • 45 Riverside Ave – 10 units – $1.1M+
  • Surf Village – 8 units – $1M+
  • 4-6 Eastern Point Blvd – 6 units – $1M+
  • 10 Grapevine Road – 3 units – $869K+
  • 7 Boulder Ave – $1.2M
  • 103 Eastern Ave – $899K
  • 5 Stanwood Point – $899K
  • 30 Raven Lane – $1.175M

Prepared by McDermott & MacCarthy of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Visit for your free waterfront report.

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Join Us for Christmas in Rockport!

Cape Ann Community

Each year Rockport dedicates an entire month to celebrating the holidays with Christmas in Rockport. Rockport has something special to offer every weekend from November 23 through December 31. Click below for details on each themed weekend and visit for a complete list of events.

Save the dates and join us for the festivities!!

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calling this photo “Clump of Grass in the Richdale Parking Lot”

Calling this photo “Clump of Grass in the Richdale Parking Lot,” or “why I never leave my cameras at home, even to run an errand to the corner store.” Because we live on Cape Ann.



November 15, 2018

By Beth Treffeisen

CHATHAM — The last surviving member of the Coast Guard crew aboard the motor lifeboat 36500 during the historic 1952 rescue of 32 seamen off the stricken oil tanker Pendleton rescue has died.

Andrew Fitzgerald — known as a funny, brave and reluctant hero — was 86.

“It was a dark and stormy night,” Fitzgerald would say at the start of the story about the harrowing night of Feb. 18. 1952, which forever changed his life.

As a nor’easter raged off the shores of Cape Cod, two large tankers split in half, propelling the then 20-year-old Coast Guard engineer and three other Coast Guardsmen into history on their 36-foot boat.

Facing 60-foot high seas, the four men boarded the 36500, led by coxswain Bernard Webber, and headed out into the storm to find the sinking tanker Pendleton, where 33 men waited anxiously for help.

As the crew of the 36500 navigated through the Chatham sandbar, which is tricky enough on a good day, they lost their compass, said Peter Kennedy, who worked on the major restoration of the boat.

Fitzgerald was in the front of the boat when it hit some swells and knocked him all the way back toward the rear, he said.

Then, the engine stalled and Fitzgerald had to go down below and re-prime it, said Kennedy. Fitzgerald was burned by the hot plugs as he restarted the engine, Kennedy said.

“He had quite a history,” said Kennedy. “He was thrown out of the boat and got back into the boat to restart the engine in 30- to 40-foot seas.”

The crew of the Coast Guard rescue boat 365000 after rescuing 32 crewmen from the tanker Pendleton off the coast of Chatham in 1952. From left are Bernie Webber, Andrew Fitzgerald, Richard Livesey, and Ervin Maske. Coast Guard Photo